Another shameless attempt

Ok, so we’re trying to make some money… is that so wrong?

One of the changes you’ll notice in the midst of our current facelift is some advertising and marketing. We hope it is not too invasive or distracting from all the amazing content on The Daily Burns. In fact, we hope that it actually helps you. For instance, clicking on the big Amazon box in the sidebar will help take you to No longer will you have to actually type in a m a z o n . c o m. Just click the box and you’re there! It is like magic!

What do we get out of it? Well We get a little kickback from amazon off of every purchase you make when you originate from this page. It won’t pay the bills, but every bit helps right?

You’ll also notice, as you scroll down, that we have added a bookstore to The Daily Burns. Now, the bookstore is still a work in progress, but we already have about 20 titles in stock and we hope to add more over the next several days. The thing about our bookstore is that it only contains titles that we think you should own. So, if you ever think, “I wonder what books Ryan and Jenn think I should buy…” then simply visit the store and start shopping. Again, buying your books in The Daily Burns “Books We Recommend” Bookstore is another way you can help support the cause. Namely the cause of us living.

Let me know what you think. Are we sellout? Do you love the new additions? Speak your mind!

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