Anxiety much?

So, I had a tiring nights sleep last evening.  In a sequence of dreams that lasted all night I managed to:

  • Fail at an attempt to escape via horseback through the desert from my captor.  Something tells me that the reason for failure in the escape is realted to the fact that the members of the escape team responsiable for getting the horses were my two high school friends Matt and Dan.  The ended up about two horses short so we had too many people on each horse as there was apparently a group of us trying to escape.
  • Play in a soccer match that was being coached by my college room mate, Ben.  I was a sub in the game and was about to be put in to play when the soccer field flooded and was over run with large game animals like moose.
  • Leaving the soccer game an alligator attacked our car.  After inflicting some pretty good damage to the car, the alligator decided to chase us down by driving after us… yup, the alligator was driving.
  • Finally, I was entered in a 10 mile race and, for some reason, started the race an hour late.  After giving Jenn a kiss and jogging to the starting line, my running partner, Regina from college, met me and gave me a bag full of candy for the race.  Of course, I knew that carrying a bag of candy was not going to help my time in the race so I gave it to Jenn and we started on our way.  Now, since we started an hour late, most of the course markers had been removed… so, we had to guess the route… while I woke up before we actually got to the finish line I somehow knew that the finish of the race involved skiing down a VERY steep slope.

So, yeah… that was my restfull night sleep.  Sheesh.

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