“Are we going to let people get sick?”

So today Asher reminded me of our need to preach the gospel…via a conversation about soda.

Being the crazy health nut that I am, we don’t drink soda (ok, ryan occasionally drinks it at restaurants…me even less occasionally & i end up feeling gross when i do, so lately I just don’t). However, tomorrow we’re attending a church picnic where we’ve been ‘assigned’ to bring diet mountain dew. I think I gasped when I got the email. I’m such a dork. “Not only is it nasty soda, but DIET soda no less…so weird dyes & chemicals PLUS fake sweetner!?” heh…

So, today I took Asher with me to pick up the dreaded soda. He asked what it was, so I told him…heh…sort of. I said, “that’s gross soda.” He asked why we were buying gross soda. I explained about the picnic. Then we had a discussion on why it’s gross & during that I explained that it TASTES good (thus, why people drink it), but it makes you sick. On the way home the discussion came back & during it I ended up having to explain that for most people it won’t make them sick right away, but after a long time, it makes you sick & that it’s just not healthy, so we don’t drink it. He was very confused as to why we were bringing this stuff to the picnic. As we pulled into the driveway he said, “Mom…are we going to let people get sick?”. I wasn’t really sure what to say. I did explain how it’s ok to drink a little bit SOMETIMES, but it’s just not the best thing, so we’re not going to have any. However, he still didn’t get why we’d serve it to other people.

Now, for the record, i have & will let him have soda on occasion, i just don’t want to deal with the repercussions tomorrow seeing as how we’ll have that picnic then bible study that evening (likely no naptime). & hey, if he’d end up NOT wanting it on occasion, then that’s great too. I’m not trying to scare him, he asked, so I told him.

That being said, what struck my heart was the logical thought process that didn’t cross my mind. Much like it often doesn’t cross my mind to make sure I proclaim the hope that is within me through Jesus. I don’t want to seem TOO weird relating to food, and I don’t judge people who indulge their children in the occasional junk (besides, I do give them junk sometimes!), so i don’t say anything. Much like I don’t want to be labeled a “weird preachy lady” & don’t judge people who are simply lost & have no idea of the hopelessness they’re living in (& hey, I’m NOT blind to sin & I still sin), thus I tend to not bring it up when opportunity arises. I mask it (both) with thoughts of “not wanting to come across as jugemental”, but really it’s probably more, “I don’t want to be weird”.

Course, the fact is you CAN be weird in a bad way (like if i hung out in the soda isle beckoning everyone away)…but regarding to spiritual matters, I think it’s rare we err on that side of the equation.  Besides, my momma taught me to take it as a compliment when people call me weird (true story).

6 thoughts on ““Are we going to let people get sick?”

  1. You’re weird.

    And now I feel bad about just drinking that diet coke… =)

    Wow, I’ve commented 52, well now 53 times, on your blog. That’s surprising to me.

  2. When you were testing out that Princess of Leisure theme, there was a section on the right of people who had left the most comments. I was second, ha.

  3. Were you wondering if I keep a personal log of the comments I make on people’s blogs? Because that would be weird.

  4. that’s hilarious. i was curious too, but i assumed you just had some fancy pants computer…doo-hicky….that kept track…but then i thought, “that doesn’t sound like something Jen would know about or know how to use”, so then i was wondering if you were deep down a computer nerd but kept it a secret. ;)