Army Strong

My dad is a retired Army Colonel. While I’ve never had aspirations to join the military myself (ok there was a fleeting moment of contemplating the Army band…), nor did I hope to marry a military man (in fact it was on my checklist of potential candidates, “will not be joining the military”….little did i realize I might end up moving all over the place for mysterious reasons anyway). Regardless of my feigned aversion to military…Army commercials usually get me choked up. So do Johnson & Johnson ones.

Anyhow, due to commercials during football games Asher picked up the phrase “there’s strong, and then there’s Army Strong” a few months ago. lately he’s been using it a lot. just now i went to get him from roomtime & i stopped in the hall to listen for a minute. he was playing with the bible character dolls (‘action figures’ i mean) that pop & gigi gave him for christmas last year (they deserve their own post…weird, but i’ve warmed to them…i still hide them when we have visitors though). “David” was saying, “arg! I’m ARMY strong!” that was funny enough, but then he said, (i don’t know who he was talking to…let’s hope it was Goliath, as he’s the only ‘bad guy’ in the group), “You are army weak!” A minute later someone (i don’t know who) was declaring him (or her) self “Army Powerful”.

and earlier this week he told me, “mom, you can be strong, but if you join the army they make you army strong”

this is why 99.9% of the tv they watch is DVR, on demand, or dvd’s. no commercials.

3 thoughts on “Army Strong

  1. Advertising is darned dangerous. When I told Georgia to keep the water IN the tub, she suggested I get a ShamWOW. It’s not quite as serious as joining the military, but annoying none the less.

    Stay strong … ARMY strong.

  2. And when you find the Army strong is not enough, call in the Marines.

    The Few, the Proud, the Marines.


    Ready to be

  3. you did not just type that. watch out…Colonel Jones is retired now, he has time to travel to chase down head strong marines. :)