As long as it is called “today”…

As i mentioned the other day, I’m studying the book of Hebrews with some friends. A few days ago I was looking into verse 4:1.

Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us fear lest any of you should seem to have failed to reach it.

When i read it, i got a little hung up on “what the heck IS God’s ‘rest’ ” (not what it means for US, i get that, but HIS actual resting. He’s resting? what, he’s lounging in heaven on a recliner “resting his eyes”??)??? I could go into more detail on my rabbit trail of wondering on that concept, but I’ll save you the heresy (& yes, certainly there was you have a clearer picture of what kind of stuff goes on in my brain..). I turned to my commentary for some help. What i found about God’s rest, was..well…nothing. Directly from my journal here:

i guess a commentary on Genesis is what I need here…but…”

(I went on to basically table the rest obsession for now & get back to focused on what Hebrews is saying).

What I found that was interesting, that my little brain never would have realized (ok maybe some day…but not anytime soon): There was lots of talk about spiritual community from this verse. Kind of off-topic here, but i find it so fascinating that he wrote 2 full pages on just verse 1. One (ok one long) sentence. 2 pages of insight about it. Anyhow, To quote, Dr. Kistemaker directly:

The entire congregation ought to be vigilant about possible lack of interest in spiritual matters. No one may let his guard down. No one may be lost. Responsibility for one another’s spiritual interest is the obligation of every believer.

Chapter 3 has some (more obvious) points on this topic as well…reminding me that yes, I am my brother’s keeper. So thx. again Dr. K. I’m wondering if it’s ironic that he saved me from a rabbit trail. ;)

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  1. Yeah, I loved listening to Dr. K talk about the theme of corporate responsibility within the book of Hebrews… it is everywhere in there. Very cool stuff.