Asher Fever Update

I’ve organized the following post to accommodate both “big picture” & “detail oriented” folks.

Stereotypical Masculine Explanation:   Asher’s fine, no more fever or anything wrong.

Stereotypical Feminine Explanation:

I Realized this evening I forgot to update on Asher.  Sunday he had a low-grade fever all day, but seemed to be on the upswing.  right before bed i noticed a small rash developing on his chest, and monday both the fever & rash were gone.  W/the onset of the rash it means that it was roseola.  Which is marked by: random fever that lasts anywhere from 3-7 days and when the fever breaks a rash appears.  Apparently it’s incredibly uncommon for anyone over the age of 3 to get it, so it’s suspected that you develop immunity after contracting it (like chicken pox).  Anyhow, Grace is apparently not going to get it (though incubation is apparently up to 10 days, and contagious…ness….starts 2 days before fever presents and lasts until 2 days after fever is gone, regardless of what the rash is doing).  Oh & the doc’s office called yesterday evening to confirm the urine tests all came back clear.

3 thoughts on “Asher Fever Update

  1. Yaaay! I’m glad the fever is gone. I know the incubation period isn’t over for Grace, but the Pell boys (and mom) are getting stir crazy. You just say the word and we’ll be ready to have you guys over to play and chat.

  2. Glad everything is well! We’ve dealt with that yucky stuff a few times over here in the past. I always forget it about it being a possibility though until that rash comes…then it’s like…”Oh, yeah!”

  3. that is seriously the weirdest thing ever- its like, whats the point of it as an infection in the first place?