7 thoughts on “Asher Sings a Christmas Tune

  1. Those are some incredible kids!!!

    My friend just got the Canon VIXIA HF11 and the quality is so high at 24 MBPS he can’t even play it back without it skipping. The AVCHD (mpeg-4) codec requires A LOT of cpu power to handle. He has to shoot in a lower quality video mode just to be able to handle it on his computer. I’ve still got the tape based HV20 model and aside from the pain of capturing the video its playback is great with mpeg-2 at 25 MBPS.

  2. After ethan’s comment it has become apparent that I will also be needing this… of course, I’d prefer to have some of the goodies added to it… the one I custom configured on apple.com only cost $24,000. So who wants to buy it for me?

  3. After I left the comment I spent the next few hours researching AVCHD cameras. Everything I read says Quad Core Minimum for even playback, let alone editing! I just bought a brand new Dell Dual Core laptop with 4 GB of RAM hoping it would allow me to edit and play AVCHD video from the Canon HF11. There’s no way I’m going to buy a quad core laptop just to avoid tape based video….thus I’ve prepared myself mentally that the joys of flash based recording (at 24 Mbps) are still several years off for me. :-(

  4. This is just adorable. I’m so loving Grace over there with here little dancing and cheering. Adorable babies you two have. I didn’t realize how much they look alike until seeing them here.