Asher’s first poem

Well, I’m not entirely sure it’s his FIRST poem, but the first that i remember recording anyway. So here’s the thing: i was in the kitchen making muffins while he was in the living room having ‘roomtime’. After drawing and reading he was basically just walking in circles around the living room seemingly talking to himself. After awhile i was thinking it sounded like he doing some ‘spoken word’ poetry or something. It was slightly rhyming, and sounded a bit rhythmic…he was also not speaking in complete sentences. Sure enough after a bit he came into the kitchen & said, “Hey mom, I just made a poem about war!” I commenced to kick myself for not stopping to write down what i was hearing….so he offered to re-enact it for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the same as the original (no rhyming either). Regardless, here is the attempt at re-creating it.

Boo-boo’s spreading
Ambushing working
Being seen NOT working at all!
Knights flying
arrows shooting
ships sinking
horses jumping.
Helmet visor down! Sword out of scabbard.
Go guards, go! Help the knights!
Sadness spreading
But: music spreading too
wars beginning again (no more music now).

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