(Asher’s) Monday musings on Sunday’s (school) sermon

Not an exact transcript, but this is pieced together from 2 conversations we had yesterday about his class:

R – So what did you learn about in class today?
A – Jesus… and Matthew.
R – Oh, what did you you learn about Jesus and Matthew
A – He was a co-wek-ter… a…
R – tax?
A – Oh, yeah, a tax collector. He was Jesus friend.
R – Was Matthew Jesus’ disciple?
A – No, he was a co-wek-ter… uh, tax co-wek-ter.
R – Did you learn anything else?
A – People didn’t like co-wek-ters but Jesus loved them.
R – Wow, that’s great. Jesus loves everyone and he teaches us that we need to love others. Do you want to know what daddy learned in church today?
A – Yeah.
R – “Yes Sir”
A – Yes sir.
R – Daddy learned that God made everything in the world and that He is in control. And that God puts people in charge and that he needs to obey them. Just like how God put mommy and daddy in charge of Asher and you need to obey them. Cool huh?
A – Yeah
R – So, what did daddy learn at church?
A – God made everything… like the earth, and the stars, and trees, and that painting, and that chair, and lizards, and dogs…
R – and…
A – and that God is in control and he puts people in charge.
R – Thats right son, God is in control.

One thought on “(Asher’s) Monday musings on Sunday’s (school) sermon

  1. You forgot a part I found particularly fun:

    Asher had said that Jesus was a disciple (when we asked if he knew who any other disciples were besides Matthew). A few minutes later he was quiet & said, “Oh, I was silly. Jesus isn’t a disciple, he’s a King”.