August Pics

Finally had time to sort through the 500+ pics I shot in August and get them uploaded to flickr. Included in the set are pics from Asher and Grace’s summer reading program award ceremony where they got to shake the Mayor’s hand (hint, he’s not a giant raccoon). There are also some shots I took at Lake Padden, where our church has it’s weekly cookout during the summer. Finally, Grace’s 3rd birthday (think pink).

As for us, we’re doing well and preparing for the change of season (read: cold and rain). We’re excited that my mom will be coming out this month and Jenn’s folks will be visiting in October. Both will be great occasion for more pics… so stay tuned.

Click the image below to see the slideshow.

Jenn, Asher, and Grace

2 thoughts on “August Pics

  1. Great pictures! I especially like the one of Asher with his leg up on the soccer ball. And Grace’s bday cake. mmmm.
    Love you guys