Money Saving May

Like most Americans, Jenn and I push our income to the edge (and occasionally over). In May, we are seeking, for at least this month, to try and make cutbacks. I’m sure some will stay for the long haul, and some are just for the month. Either way, here’s what May has in store:

  • Downgrade NetFlix subscription
  • Cancel HDTV, Cable, and DVR
  • Downgrade internet service
  • Revise current or get new auto insurance
  • No going out to eat
  • Downgrade cell phone to a smaller minute plan

If you have any other creative, expense cutting ideas, feel free to drop a comment.

Good News – We Are Not Far From Home

Thinking about our dear friends, the Greenes, today. Three years ago, their son Owen died. As I was thinking about them, I was reminded of something I read recently by Spurgon. I find confort in his words and pray that you, and the Greenes, will too.

O CHILDREN of God! death hath lost its sting. It is sweet to die; to lie upon the breast of Christ, and have one’s soul kissed out of one’s body by the lips of divine affection. And you that have lost friends, or that may be bereaved, sorrow not as those who are without hope. What a sweet thought the death of Christ brings us concerning those who are departed! They are gone, my brethren; but do you know how far they have gone? The distance between the glorified spirits in heaven and the militant saints on earth seems great; but it is not so. We are not far from home.

C. H. Spurgeon, Daily Help (Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2009), 86. (Emphasis mine)


We went to see tulips this weekend. I don’t have the time to edit and post a bunch of pictures right now, but here is one that turned out alright.

Easter and Baptism

Easter is a day of surprise. You get a hint of that when you read the gospel accounts of that first Easter morning. Whether it was the women or the disciples who we are following, for all of them you sense their great surprise that Jesus, who had been crucified but three day prior, was gone. His tomb was empty.

Today, Easter holds less of a surprise for us. We know that the tomb is empty. When we awake, we do so being aware that this is a special day of worship and celebration. Yet, there is little surprise. For the Burns family however, that was not the case today.

At breakfast I was telling Asher and Grace what all was planned for the day. This included going to church and having friends over for dinner. I also told them that, after lunch, we’d be going to a special baptism service to see people get baptized. Asher asked if they would be getting baptized too (surprise!). I paused for a moment. I asked him if he wanted to be baptized, to which he replied yes. Grace, of course, also wanted to be baptized.

Not ever wanting to take something like baptism lightly, we discussed what it meant to be baptized. How it was telling the whole world that we believe Jesus rose from the dead and that we want to follow Him all the days of our lives. I said that if that is what they wanted to do, then they could be baptized. They both, as you’ll see in the video, gave a resounding yes to the proposition.

While I have a number of theological thoughts I’d like to share surrounding baptism, and particularly the baptism of my kids, I’ll save those for another day. I think it is sufficient to say that God is faithful and Jennifer and I have trusted our children into his hands. We place our hope and trust not in water (or bread and wine), but in the faithfulness of God to which these things point.

He is risen.
He is risen indeed.


Kids Reviewing Books

The boy never ceases to amaze me.

Today, we picked up a couple books that were on hold at the library. Among them was a 160 page, chapter book called “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” It has a total of 6 pages with pictures.

Before we even got home, Asher had started reading. We got home, ate lunch, and Asher grabbed his book and went straight into our room to read. A few hours later he finished the book… the WHOLE BOOK!

Needless to say, I was blown away. After quizzing him on the content, I asked if he wanted to to a video book report. Of course, he was game:

And, of course, his sister wanted to make a video too, so here is Grace’s video report on “Dora the Explorer: Super Babies.”

The Haircut

Warning – If you get dizzy easily, the pics at the end of this post might not be good to look at. Opa, you have been warned :)

I’m sure Jenn will fill you in on the whole story later, but she got a haircut today. The main reason for getting the haircut was to donate her hair to a charity that makes wigs for little kids with cancer.

We managed to remember to take some before and after shots. I added some animation so you could get the full gist of how dramatic the cut is.

Dizzy yet?

A Blender to Make Eggs and Ice Cream

I had a discussion the other day with my office mate about the Vitamix blender and I mentioned that not only did it make amazing smoothies, but it makes scrambled eggs and ice cream. And by makes, I mean it does it in the blender. To dispel any disbelief, we headed to youtube and watched the following two videos. Thought I’d share with you so that you can see the wonder of blender eggs and ice cream.



The Short Version

On Thursday two of my websites were compromised and my hosting company shut down all my websites. Having encountered multiple hacks over the last several months, I decided a clean slate was needed. I thus got a new hosting company and started 4  of my websites from scratch. The other 16 +/- sites… well, I decided to just shut them down. It was a hard decision, but one I’ve been thinking about for some time. This weekend put the nail in the coffin for them.

While I was at it, and due to necessity, I gave The Daily Burns a face-lift.

That’s the short version.

So I Went for a Jog

I sit on my butt almost all day, every day.

Yesterday I decided to go for a jog. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I went for another jog this morning. This time I took along my iPhone and used the free RunKeeper app. The jog was wonderful as the sun was… well, sort-of out and I got to see Mt. Baker and the Canadian Rockies. The air was fresh and crisp.

While I enjoyed the jog, I couldn’t help but ponder as I plodded, how in the world am I going to fit this into my schedule. Yesterday I was able to grab my jog at 4:00 in the afternoon and today’s was at 8:00 this morning. Neither of those times will work with work. So, I could get up early and go for a run… but knowing my deep love of sleep, I don’t foresee me getting up at 6:00 so I can get a run in. The other option might be in the evening, but it is pretty much dinner and family time when I get home from work and I don’t foresee going for a jog at 8:00 p.m. That leaves lunch time jog, which I guess could work. But, it just seems odd to go for a run in the middle of the work day.

What is the solution? I don’t know, but I’m open to suggestions.