baby burns #2…

So, we went to have an ultrasound today and discover the sex of baby burns #2. Before you get too excited, we are going to keep this little surprise to ourselves as long as we can… so the mystery continues for you.

Now that you know that I am not going to reveal the sex, I wanted to make my initial observations on finding out vs not finding out. I would say that Asher’s birthday was one of the single most incredible moments in my life. I still get awestruck remembering the room, the sounds, the emotion… and then there HE was… not she, not it… HE! That was an amazing moment that I believe everyone should experience at least once. So, when we found out about baby #2 we talked about the option of finding out. I was against it initially as the first time was so amazing. However, I knew that Jennifer really wanted to know and truthfully, so did I. The decision was finally made and today was the day…

As we drove into the hospital, I wondered what it would be like… would I cry like I did when I saw asher? Would Jenn cry? Would I have a flood of emotions? Would I be disappointed if it was not a boy? Would I laugh if it was a girl? I had no idea what to expect.

We entered the room and the ultrasound was pretty run of the mill with the ultrasound-ninja taking pics and making notes about all kinds of stuff. As the ultrasound progressed the moment of truth came. We directed our gaze at the screen. The nurse pointed out things to us. We saw the baby’s cute little face, hands, and feet (the feet were the most distinct and amazing… 10 little toes)… and the the lady said, “and here is one leg and the other, and here is its bottom and between…”

And there it was… We knew who baby burns was. I sat there for a moment thinking, “wow. we are having a ____.” I didn’t feel the flood of emotions… I mostly felt like, “where are the emotions?” After the nurse walked out I prayed for jennifer and the baby, thanking God for making it just the way he wanted and in my heart treasuring the prayers for our baby. We gathered our stuff and headed out the door.

As we walked to the car, I was mostly sad that I did not ‘feel’ anything… THEN, like a wave, Jennifer and I both started to cry… It was then that I realized what is so special about finding out… For, the baby is no longer just “a baby” it is _______.

On the way home we just smiled and talked about the baby and it was so much more… real… I could see in my mind, looking in my rear view and seeing Asher and his _____ sitting right next to him. It was (is) so amazing.

So, is finding out better? no… just different but no less special. If I had it to do over again, I’d still find out… but only because I have had the experience I had with Asher. Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE KNOWING! It is so amazing. But my two cents… don’t find out on the first one and after that… fielders choice.

Right now, I just cant wait to hold him… or her… or them… HAHAHAHA!

2 thoughts on “baby burns #2…

  1. Ryan, you are such a teaser. Can’t wait to hear the final “outcome”.Blessings to you all.