Baby Shower Gifts

I am not very romantic. I appreciate romance & am incredibly grateful that my husband IS romantic, however, I lack…something. I tend to be more utilitarian practical. I love practical gifts. Our first christmas together ryan bought me a pair of diamond earrings & a (really cool) toiletry bag. I apparently gushed a little too much over the toiletry bag & not enough over the earrings…i could be wrong but I don’t think i’ve received jewelry since (which is fine by me).

That being said, this evening I was giving the kids a bath & it struck me that in just over 3 years I have NEVER bought baby soap/shampoo. We were given THAT much baby shampoo when I was pregnant with Asher (& one bottle for Grace). I was trying to calculate as the kids were playing & realized it wouldn’t work b/c I used to also use it on Anna Banana (that was our hairless dog that had to be bathed once a week) until a few months after Grace was born…. But I’m thinking i’m averaging about 1 bottle/year. So on that math We still have 3.5 YEARS of free baby shampoo. So thanks, to all of you who gave us baby shampoo 3 years ago. That’s way cooler than ‘tooth-fairy’ boxes (or whatever those things are called) in my book.

Course we might start using it up quicker if the kids start deciding they want more than one bath a week…..(kidding!…sort of….)

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gifts

  1. once a week shower? I don’t know if I could last that long with the smell. The 2 yo I nanny for, he needs to shower at least every other day (in my opinion).. cause his hair gets all matted and he just kinda smells… meanwhile, the 6 yo I nanny for, well I’m fed up with 3 loads of laundry a week (between him and his 4 yo brother)- SERIOUSLY… can a kid wear his clothing MORE THAN ONCE before you put it in the laundry basket? No stain = still clean.

    that particular family i nanny for (“bless their hearts”) has taught me alot about myself and my clutter and how I refuse to be a wife/mother who just leaves things everywhere- hah its funny what/who God uses to teach me things :-p

  2. Man I wish my kids could go with only one bath a week. I don’t think even when the older two were younger I could go with once a week. They used to reak of formula. And now (even though I force them) they have to shower at least every other day other wise they smell like wet dogs. Nice I know I’m such a good mom :). I have to buy shampoo and body soap at least once a month for the three of them. Of course they aren’t always using it like they are supposed to.