Back on the Wagon

or is it off? i can never remember.

A few months back, in regards to running, I hit a brick wall of reality that made me realize perhaps running the 2009 Disney marathon was not quite an attainable goal due to limited training time (I’m just NOT willing to run @ 5am so i have time to cross train after to keep my knees & back ‘safe’…i just want to run & stretch. The end.) & knee pain when i pass 10miles a week (+/-). Not attainable yet anyway…. ;) there’s always the nebulous “someday when…”

This also coincided with my Nike+ stats being removed from the blog…suddenly I found myself running much less….i apparently am highly responsive to external motivation. Then it all fizzled when I decided to take 2 weeks off completely to test to see if some nagging back pain was related (it is not)…this stretched to nearly 4wks. Last week i finally got off my bum & headed back on the road. I’m not gonna lie. it was NOT fun. It was a major chore. i was sad, thinking that i was pretty sure i remembered being rather fond of the sport in recent history…

Then this week I gave up trying to run with the kids in the jogging stroller & getting my lazy bum out of bed on time to run in the morning. not sure if it was the alone time, the fact that i had a week of running back under my belt, the fact that it’s physically easier to run without pushing 2 children in a stroller or all of the above….but this week has been fun again. In fact, each of the 3 runs were progressively more enjoyable. Culminating in today’s just over 4mi run that i honestly didn’t want to end when i rounded the corner towards my house. The first mile always stinks & i think about stopping to walk…but that magic 2nd mile hits & all is well with my soul. I won’t go into details about the feeling, but it was great. makes me want to run tomorrow. But i think i’ll be kind to my knees and wait till monday.

I also tried to incorporate a few posture tips from the Marathon Training guys…haven’t heard a whisper from my knees all week…think i may look into reading a ‘chi running’ book….i’d heard of it before but never really been in the mood for sifting through pseudo-spiritual athletics.

3 thoughts on “Back on the Wagon

  1. let me know about that ‘chi’ book- from what I got of taking Taoism this past semester… chi (seemed) very superstitious. But if its anything like that MTV Yoga dvd you got then I’d love to hear about dif. running practices!

  2. yeah, i haven’t actually chosen a book yet, there’s tons. i’m hoping to find the equivalent to my mtv yoga vids, lol. def. not interested in “chi” at all…just the running techniques.