Be imitators

I’ve noticed a pattern concerning “super-women”…or more-so other women’s response to them.  We all know them, they’re those women who are very accomplished in one or many things, whether that be in the workplace, as a homeschooling mom, uber-decorator, super smart, incredible faith, incredible demeanor….insert whatever you thought of here.

So you have wonderwoman in one corner.  The rest of us in another.  It seems the most common responses are either to dislike her, “why’s she gotta make us look bad”, or to dispair in awe of her, “wow…i could never be like HER“.

However, (unless it’s the super decorator variety), when I am struck by the uber-ness of another woman…a woman who has qualities that I feel I could only wish to have, I think of Paul.  No, not Paul Burkhart…the Apostle Paul.  Talk about an “uber”.  I think it would be rather difficult to think him anything less than a “super-christian”.  He had a really big brain, and it was put to work for the cause of Christ.  Reading through his epistle’s you can see the list of his ‘accomplishments’ & even his struggles.  This man KNEW Christ.  His level of faith seems pretty un-attainable to us “normal people”.  However, more than once, he encourages us to “be imitators” of him (1Corinthians 4:16, 1Corinthians 11:1).  Heck, in 1Thessalonians he twice he referred to the recipients of the letters as having become imitators of CHRIST.  That is after all in our Christian walk, the idea.  Little jesus’ running the globe.

I tend to extrapolate that concept to all areas.  “Well heck, she’s human, I’m human…she can do it…I probably can too”.   Admittedly sometimes this gets me into trouble & I jump in over my head (ahem…seminary), but every time I retreat from something that was out of my league, I retreat with a little piece of “uberness”.  It was worth it, externally “successful” or not.  Not to mention the amazement when advances become a new part of my life.   it may not be easily evident, but if Paul wrestled with & mourned the state of his sinful heart…you can bet these seemingly super humans have flaws.  I’m not saying we should become detectives to figure out what they are, but that we shouldn’t let our flaws keep us from pressing forward into new territory.

So two of my new recent adventures: Studying in depth, the book of Hebrews with some friends & testing the waters of sprouting grains to then dehydrate & grind into flour.  Two things I have felt unable to pursue in the past as much too “adventurous” or lofty for the likes of me.  I’ve only dipped a toe in thus far…but the water feels niiice.

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