Bedtime funny

We have thus far been quite blessed in our bedtime routines in the Burns household, in that Asher has never (not once) gotten up in the middle of the night & come into our room. In fact, he’s never even gotten out of bed in the morning until I come in to get him. That being said, I’m sure I can’t quite relate to this song, but regardless it’s hilarious. I’m sure parents of ‘normal’ children (I have a feeling Grace may be one of those….) will enjoy it even more than I did.

Speaking of kids, during Asher’s pre-naptime ritual today, I read him a book. It has become my new favorite book. Ryan got it for him at the library last week, so it will have to be returned eventually, which will be sad. It’s called, “someone bigger“. it’s about a boy & his dad who go out to fly a kite. My favorite line (after the Dad does’t let Sam fly the kite saying, “No, you’re too small, this kite needs someone bigger”):

Then Dad let go and launched the kite, unwound the string and held it tight, while Sam stood by and watched and wished that he was someone bigger.

It’s just fun to read out loud & is quite easy to get animated about. I’m always trying to get him to want me to read it.

2 thoughts on “Bedtime funny

  1. too funny, Jen. And while I was listening to the song, two little squirts who were supposed to be in bed came into the office because one had a ‘bloody’ finger and was as thirsty as someone in a desert and the other was about to starve to death. One hour after dinner.