Bible Rullet

I heard someone use the term “Bible Rullet” (I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly), referring to when you randomly flip through the Bible hoping God will let the pages fall on some wonderful verse that you can take as God’s Word for you in that moment. Not the most effective bible study tool for sure (& some would say downright paganistic), so in recent years I try not to do this. Anyhow, hearing that word reminded me of a story for you:

I tend to have “trust God” issues at night, I wake up out of the blue covered in sweat & fear, convinced someone is going to break into my house & kill me &/or my family. Totally irrational, totally something I’ve experienced since I was a very little girl. Ha ha, i blame TV. Anyhow a few months ago I was having a particularly intense “attack” & opened my bible to “play some rullet”…I went to my concordance, looked up “fear”…. I promise I am not making this up…I landed right on “Matthew 10:28″ so I flipped over to it, super encouraged & read:

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul & body in hell.”

Ha Ha! Serves me right! 1) Clearly don’t know my bible very well that I totally didn’t see that coming & 2) I was really just looking for a verse that would work as a “magic incantation” to drive the fear away.

Anyway, no need to be concerned, I have had a lot of “breakthrough” in recent months…mostly due to talking Asher through his irrational fears (of flies).

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