Bible Study Guides

I think i’ve mentioned before that one of my “currently reading” books I’m using as an aide to my ‘morning devotional’ time. I have to admit it’s a bit deep & thought provoking for 6:15am (not to mention annoying having to flip all over the bible answering deep questions, then writing down the answers so as to not forget what it was i just answered in my head)… sometimes I just want to sit & read my Bible. yesterday I was exceptionally tired & decided to skip the book & meditate on proverbs. This translated into staring at the words of one verse for about 20 min (I couldn’t even tell you which one) while my mind was clearly elsewhere (I couldn’t even tell you where). I think i was basically asleep, but with my eyes open. After said 20min. I gave up, checked email then went upstairs to unload the dishwasher.

Moral to the story: Some folks just need someone (or some book) to help them study the bible…even if it’s too early for your brain to do so at it’s maximum potential.

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