Biblical Beauty

This morning I was doing some online ‘research’ (hey..i’m using studylight too…) on 1Peter 3:3-7. This is one of those verses that just sort of makes me say, “what the…?” So I should not braid/adorn my hair & walk around naked??

Ok, so I know that’s not what it REALLY means…but it can certainly sound that way. Anyhow, while looking for help to understand what peter was saying, I was perusing (let me know if you thought that word meant something else…a little quiz for you) the Girl Talk blog.

I came across this post regarding the Dove Campaign. My husband also wrote a tidbit about this campaign. I can easily get sucked into the idea of “self-esteem” & having a proper view of yourself from a “wordly” view-point. Mrs. Mahaney made some excellent points on how Christians should view “self-esteem”. Good food for thought.

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