Big Brothers (Aka: Ode to Oma & Uncle Joe)

I’ve never had a big brother, but growing up i remember wishing I had either a big brother or a twin brother. I had some romanticized notion of him basically being a knight in shining armor to defend my honor or something equally silly. So I tend to project these desires onto Asher & Grace I’m sure. In general, he is a sweet caring big brother who enjoys helping to ‘teach’ his sister & ‘keep her safe’. She is his princess. However, they definitely have “their days” where one or the other or both just want to BUG each other. Yep…normal kids.

I suppose most younger sisters recall their childhood to be something more along the lines of this:

“Sweet” Sibling Sled ride from Ryan Burns on Vimeo.

The humor was not lost on me in the moment either. Note the “trying not to laugh while reprimanding” voice. I did manage to regain composure after turning off the camera.

2 thoughts on “Big Brothers (Aka: Ode to Oma & Uncle Joe)

  1. Yep! that is a TRUE brother :) Wate till he tries to wash her face with the snow, that is what Uncle Joe use to do to me!

  2. That is so funny! I like the giggle, then quick change to the “Mom” voice. I don’t know why, but I also have a really hard time hiding the giggle and smile in situations like that. Today when I found the marker on the wall, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Life is never dull with toddlers running around!