big girl

Yesterday when I went to get Grace up from her nap, I had the thought, as I often do when putting her down or picking her up from her crib that perhaps I should convert it to the toddler bed form (mostly b/c she feels so big in my arms as i bend over to lie her down). Ryan & I talked about it a little, should we try to figure out how to convert the crib (we’ve never done it before) or buy asher a twin bed & give her the toddler bed….

then I just got a random impulse to do it myself (ryan was at school…see twitter) and did it. We’re missing two screws (i have a call in w/the company to look into ordering them), but they’re for a decorative piece that doesn’t pose a danger or anything like that. She was pretty excited about the change & last night she slept in her “big girl” bed for the first time. To my surprise it does not have a rail, so I was confident that she would fall out (it’s a short drop onto carpet), but unless she did so & got back in on her own, she apparently did not (she also did not get out of bed till i came & got her this morning. I’m wondering how long it will take her to figure out that’s a possibility). I peeked at her before going to bed & again when i woke up this morning. sigh. my baby in a “big” bed.

She’s doing pretty well with the potty training too. Still not at 100%, which is midly frustrating (i need to re-read my first post on the topic) though we’ve had a few accident-less days, we average one pee-related accident a day. However, yesterday for the first time ever she came & found me to say “potty, mine” BEFORE wetting. ahh, progress!

What a big girl (:wipe tear:).

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