Bit of Encouragment

I’m looking forward to blogging about my ‘internet fast’, which has really amounted to “email during (most of) the day and forums fast”. However when I first started, I went through and cleared out my feed reader. Trimmed the ‘fat’ if you will (actually, given my opinion on fat, i’ll change that to ‘trimmed the refined carbs’, ha). I’ll stop there otherwise I’ll have precious little to talk about when it’s “time”.

Anyhow, it has been AMAZING to only be reading blogs that are really important to me, whether that be because they are written by dear friends, a breath of fresh, funny air, or spiritual encouragement. The other day the ‘encouragers’ over at Girl Talk provided the latter. It was not JUST mommy encouragement (which I apparently ‘needed’ due to my response to the short post), but a reminder and encouragement of the ultimate purpose in my ‘mommying’. To teach them “the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ”.

Besides, it’s always nice to hear from someone “on the other side” let me know that the toddler stage (while fun and adorable, and so sweet) IS exhausting. I easily get to thinking there’s something wrong with me that a four year old and two year old can take so much out of me….and my kids are pretty laid back in the scheme of things!

I do want to note though, I’m NOT complaining about their stage….yes, there’s hard days/moments (weeks?), and there’s moments where I ‘can’t wait’ till they’re more self-sufficient, but at the same time, I KNOW I’ll pine in many ways once we pass this stage. There will be plenty to miss, so I also try to keep that view in mind as well as we press on and celebrate growth – to ‘enjoy them now’ as much as possible. Always that tension isn’t there? “Enjoy them now, but remember you’re training them for LIFE.”

Not that those two things need to be mutually exclusive. But that’s another thought entirely, and I need to unload the dishwasher.

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