Book Quotes

A few quicks quotes for you from my recent reads list:

From this week’s chapter, dealing with anger, out of “Sacred Parenting” (chapter 7)

On facing unanswered prayer:

“We can’t even use Character as a reason. While I’ve fervently taught and just as fervently believe that God uses trials to build character, to teach us lessons, and to do a deeper work in our souls, personally I’d rather die a little less mature if my child could be spared suffering!”

On Emotions:

“I don’t ignore them, but neither should I allow them to drive my reaction. They’re just there, like the weather, making the situation more or less pleasant, but they must not determine what I do.”

From The Reformation, how a monk and a mallet changed the world:

On Martin Luther’s “Earthy Side”

“In the middle of a conversation with students around his table about the challenges faced in living the Christian life, Luther once said….”but I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away.”

The title of a petition that Ulrich Zwingli helped write & circulate:

“Petition to Allow Priests to Marry, Or at Least to Wink at Their Marriage.”

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  1. Great quotes from the parenting book. Had to read them twice to catch his thought, but really great once it sank in.