Boys and Girls

My kids are fairly stereotypical. I’m ok with this. In fact, I think it’s pretty darn cute. Case in point:

They are currently in the living room ‘dancing’ to kids songs on the ipod. This is an almost daily ritual where they mostly walk/dance/march in a small circle around a pillow or something in the tv/play room.

As I type Grace is ‘dancing’ much like the ballerina frog from a book we recently read (she’s trying to leap & spin & hop) & Asher is stomping around being a Megalosaurus, who is going to eat a Diplodocus (I have a feeling Grace is the unwitting Diplodocus, so i should probably get back in there).

What really cute is when Asher’s favorite song, “Play on your harp” they both stop whatever they’re doing & skip & sing to this one (well…as much as Grace can do either of those things anyway).

One thought on “Boys and Girls

  1. So darling!

    Now the bad news: I won’t be at class tomorrow, because I’m down with the respiratory flu thing. :( Of all the classes to miss, I would pick this one. =/
    I hope you learn a lot, and then post a lot, so I can learn alongside you! :)