first, i should note, it would appear that Grace has fallen ill.  As of naptime (she’s still sleeping) there was no fever or lethargy, but she threw up all over me on the bus on the way to the library (needless to say we did not make it to the library).  Thankfully ryan was able to obtain a vehicle w/kid seats from a co-worker (thanks co-worker!)  and he picked us up on the side of the road where we desperately abandoned the bus (sorry bus people).  On the upside for the bus people: very little (like quarter sized amt.) got on the bus.  The rest was on me.  Nothing like motherhood to get you over fear of vomit….literally trying to purpose to get it on yourself to save everything else around you.  gross.  never grosses me out till later though.

Anyhow, as i was intending to say:  A few months ago asher started blossoming into more of a boy it would seem.  I know all kids find potty humor, well, humorous, but the stereotype is that boys more-so.  Anyhow, Asher finds it especially funny that I do not find it funny.  Which ends up making me laugh (when he gets going, the more “grossed out” i am the more he laughs to the point of tears).  So the recent development is that he found a hilarious, “secret weapon” to “defend” himself against my attacks (whether they be tickle attacks, kiss attacks, or pinning him to the floor attacks).  Gas.  yep.  It was an unintentional discovery (just usually happens w/attacks & i typically end up recoiling).

I try not to encourage this sort of behavior, given that both Ryan & myself are prudish about bodily functions (have i mentioned how glad i am Ryan is this way??), but sometimes it’s just hard not to laugh.  I do draw the line at any attempts to ‘aim’ though.

4 thoughts on “Boys

  1. just an fyi: once she finished throwing up she was totally fine since. no indication of any sickness whatsoever. wondering if it was a virus or food-related. regardless, she’s her normal self again as of yesterday after throwing up. :)

  2. I am so sorry this happened, although glad she seems better. I never would have though I would cup my hand under Emy’s chin, get a palm full of spit-up, and think, oh well, guess I’d better wash my hands. I know spit-up isn’t as bad as vomit, but God is good to grow us into the challenges, isn’t He? Glad He gives us little people with little messes, to prepare us for bigger people with bigger messes. :)

  3. So true. lol@fear of vomit. I thought it was just me. It is funny how motherhood can change that. I don’t even think of it with my daughter. She was a VERY spit-uppy baby…VERY. Nothing wrong, just a spit upper. I remember being in Nordstrom’s once and she did a big spit up on the floor in front of the shoe department and I was on my knees cleaning up spit up in Nordstrom’s thinking…”my how my Nordstrom experience has changed since motherhood!” Glad little Grace is feeling better! Also, just have to say regarding boys…I wish my husband was “prudish” about such things!