It would seem Asher is developing his father’s knack for efficiency. I was just saying that I will have to give them a shower today because we don’t have time for a bath. …The big reason they don’t get bathed regularly being that we often don’t have time for a bath….and they both cry through showers. He was asking why and I explained that when I give them a bath that means I have to sit and pretty much do nothing for 30-45min (quick bath just seems a waste…thus the quick shower. And yes, I do usually read during bathtime, but i’ve got STUFF to do today). He said, “well, you could play your flute.”

This is brilliant! I rarely play my flute anymore b/c the only really good time to do it is during naptime/roomtime. But that would keep Grace awake (not to mention I’m usually doing chores or cooking during that time). Never would have occurred to me, but the next time we have bathtime (again, NOT today kids!) I will definitely practice my flute. Thanks Asher.

2 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. that’s cute! hey, i FINALLY mailed out your Dragonfly Races CD today. It takes me about a month to get to the post office–I’m on top of things like that ;-) Enjoy!