Bubble & Bee Organic Review

Guess since it’s been over a month we’re due for a review on the bubble and bee shampoo, lotion stick and (rootbeer..mmm..) lip balm.

For those who missed the first mention of it, I bought the above (actually the lip balm was a freebie!), due to winning a $25 gift card from Traveling with Baby. I went for the Shampoo Discount Package. I have tried plain old castille soap (i think i liked this except the vinegar rinse made me smell of vinegar…but i was doing it wrong. so perhaps i could try just the soap again…), only baking soda (again i did it a bit ‘wrong’ but my hair was breaking, brittle and falling out all over the place…F-R-I-E-D) & aubrey organics shampoo/conditioner (heavy, limp, greasy & buildup issues). Yet still for some reason i felt compelled to try this “for real” natural shampoo, because it had a label that really seemed to live up to the ‘natural’ claim.

I also wanted to try the lotion stick b/c I have also had ‘issues’ with ‘natural’ moisturizers…the reale-o trulio versions doing nothing for me and the super high priced but…”wait..what are all those chemicals on the label? i thought this was natural”..if i’m paying too much for a product I want it to REALLY be “all natural”. I still SO VERY wish plain old coconut oil worked for me….so many people swear by it….ok, i’ll stop before i get bitter.

Here we go: The lip balm:
I did not order this. But i am SO thankful they sent it!! It is rootbeer flavored & boy is it yummy. :) I have on more than one occasion put it on & then people walk around sniffing asking where the rootbeer smell was coming from. heh. So if you’re into that sort of thing, ++. As for performance, LOVE it. Asher has some chapped lip issues and complains about most chapsticks i put on him b/c they burn, but this does not. However, it DOES help his lips…and I don’t get that ‘chapstick withdrawl’ sensation when i miss a day…if you’re a kindred obsessive chapstick/lip gloss user you know what i mean…they get peely and..well…kinda chapped…like they’re addicted to something in it (i find this most common in the super tingly varieties). weird. anyway, doesn’t happen here.

The lotion Stick:
Went with Chai guy. I LOVE chai tea. mm….and this smell lived up to it. Not sure i’d want my man necessarily smelling like chai tea…though that’s who the scent is intended for. Anyhow, First: this does work great. I had some scaly rough rashy skin on my hands leftover from scratching a rash that enveloped my upper body for a couple weeks (culprit was flax seeds i had started adding to my daily smoothie…weird). Anyhow, no matter what or how much i slathered on my hands, those splotchy rough areas were persistent. Chai guy kicked it out & even though i’ve gotten lazy about using it (& my hands are dry), it’s still gone. The downside? It’s a firm stick…hence the name. NOT conducive for rubbing about on jointed body parts. i found it annoying and time-consuming. I should try the body butter probably. I like slathering moisturizer, not frantically rubbing it until i can get it to the point of attempting a slather sensation.

This is not “normal” shampoo. It is a soap-based hair product that does not come with matching conditioner. You use diluted vinegar as a ‘rinse’, which not only softens & detangles (& adjusts ph or something) but helps remove soap residue. I went with the Lemon shampoo partially b/c my hair is pretty ‘average’ (not super dry, not super greasy) and partially because Ryan dislikes the smell of tea-tree oil (!! i personally really like it).

I was mostly concerned about smelling of vinegar. I used both apple cider vinegar & white vinegar. Both work fine, though I think the white leaves less of a strong odor in the bathroom…but I could be wrong. Ryan is the odor police (who gags after i shower if he enters before it’s been aerated), so ask him. ;) Apparently when my hair is wet, it does have a vinegar aroma, but seeing as how it’s only wet when I’m alone (Ryan is a water hog so we won’t share shower time till we have a double shower head), I don’t mind. As long as I’m not walking around all day smelling of vinegar & people start describing me as “the one with long hair who smells like vinegar”, I’m fine.

As for my hair? I am TOTALLY 100% SOLD. It’s awesome. Shiny, NO fly-aways, not greasy (i wash every other or every 3rd day, and it’s fine, but if it’s 3 days i do have to wash my bangs..and by the end of the day it is evident i need a shower, which i had to do w/regular shampoo anyway), super soft, and i haven’t used any “product” (smoothing spray, mouse, hairspray) in a month. Granted, my ‘styling’ (or lack thereof) doesn’t really cry out for any….but i had gotten dependent on a shine enhancer to both add shine & control flyaways. As mentioned earlier I’m tempted to try plain old castille again but this shampoo uses saponafied jojoba oil as one of the soaps & I’m wondering if that makes a good bit of difference (jojoba oil is supposed to be very close to the oil that our body makes which naturally softens our hair). I’m loving my hair lately so I’m not in a rush to mess that up.

There you have it. When I run out if it is “ok’d” by the bookeeper I absolutely will buy more shampoo from them. I’d like to try the body butter too, but I have a hard time spending money on beauty care products so we’ll see if I ever get around to it. I am not being paid to endorse them, I’m just happy to do it gratis. :)

Also, I made sure to type this up tonight b/c their deodorant is apparently being featured on a “green” segment on the Today Show tomorrow 7-11am (Eastern Standard…I don’t know what that means for us Pacific folks, and I’m too lazy to look it up since um…I’m not sure any Pacific folks even read the blog). I thought that was fun.

6 thoughts on “Bubble & Bee Organic Review

  1. i’m pacific!! thanks for the review. i’m still fumbling around trying to find a hair product (wish i would have read this before i got my too-expensive bottles of aubrey organics that i don’t like) but i also don’t like spending money on beauty products! maybe when my aubrey is gone i’ll have to try this out. :)

  2. @Andrea
    i was thinking…looking at the ingredients aubrey may be more soap-based as well, in which case perhaps it just needs a vinegar rinse vs. conditioner?

  3. When I read the last part, I thought, Hey! I’m pacific. But then I remembered that we aren’t anymore. I guess we are Pacific at heart :)

  4. We are three hrs. ahead of you so to figure things like that subtract 3 hrs. from your time. :)

  5. Hi,
    I found your blog off of a comment you made on the NT forum site. We are right here in Ferndale–not far at all. When you tried coconut oil did you try it with tea tree iol, etc. in it? I saw a recipe for that and I was thinking about trying it. I have never stuck with any non-antipersperant deodorant because I hate the feeling of sweating. I have tried it several times, but never stuck with it. The crystal thing did nothing for me. Maybe I will try the coconut oil… we shall see. It seems like we have a lot in common. =) Maybe we should play at the park one day (my kids are 2 and 4). =) Trish

  6. @Patricia Prenosil
    on the coconut oil. i’ve tried it 3 different times for at least a month (once longer) each time. Once virgin coconut oil, once expeller pressed and once expeller pressed with some essential oil mixed in but i forget what…i think cinnamon (for the smell)? and all 3 times once the greasiness wore off my skin was dry as a bone. arg.