It’s a good thing the kids and I are learning Hymns together. Theology set to music….very helpful for days like today when for whatever reason (or a multitude of reasons) i just feel like crap & want to hide under the covers all day, cry and drink hot chocolate.

thus far I’ve accomplished 1 of the 3….about to be 2 (hot chocolate is in the works). The kids make the first task difficult. This is probably a good thing. Anyhow, decided at noon to pack up lunches & have a picnic with ryan in his office. Get out of the house, something fun & the kids were missing daddy this morning (probably b/c mommy’s a weepy grump today). Not really “feelin” it, but trying to put on the happy face….after all, as Asher’s been reminding me today, “But it IS well with your soul momma.” Yes, yes it is. Someone let my brain in on that secret please.

Anyway, about a quarter mile from the house we got gently rammed in the side by a teenager whilst driving through a roundabout. Thankfully not hard, since it was on Asher’s door that got hit (passenger side). No injuries and it would appear the damage to the van is only cosmetic (though there was a new weird noise on the way home…), and no one hurt in the other car, just a scratched bumper. long story but it’s quite possible i was an idiot & screwed up our odds of having their insurance pay for it….guess time will tell.

BUT, as Asher reminded me on the way to Ryan’s office, yet again, “even though we had a little accident it’s still well with our souls!”. That is true. AND things could be a lot worse.

Had a nice little lunch. The sun made an appearance today, so I took the kids to a nearby parking lot to ride bikes. Discovered 2 toddlers on bikes, who don’t know how to ride bikes + 1 momma = a not fun experience. Exasperated we came home in short order & put the kids to roomtime/naptime as quick as possible. Called insurance company, who advised me to just wait till after hours and call customer service center…. um…I just want some advice ‘yo. Not filing a claim. No, same answer, you just need to wait till after 5 (when our office is closed) and call back.

Ok. Passed that one on to the angry husband via IM (angry at the non-helping “good neighbor” company..not me). Have i mentioned i haven’t come up with a dinner menu for this week or gone grocery shopping? This always sets a foul tone for the week….i’m such a slave to a schedule these days.

Oh yeah, and seem to have taken a few steps backward today in the potty department (note to self: remember, it always gets worse right before it really clicks). Can I send her to your house until she’s finished learning? ;) I’m apparently giving off a bad vibe & messin’ with her success.

I think it’s time for some hot chocolate. Maybe play a few hymns on the ipod.

Grump grump grump.

5 thoughts on “Bum

  1. I know those days all to well. I too thought we were finally making a break through the other day with Kat in the potty training department. That was until she stood on Opa’s ladder and peed right after I had asked her if she had to go….so so frustrating. I’ll trade you yours for mine and see if that works:) LOL. Tell Asher to keep praying for us both…. Glad the car accident wasn’t anything major and keep us updated on that mess.

  2. Man MOM didn’t write that Mary B did. I didn’t realize it had me as mom until after I posted and mom told me I sent it as her. She’s so helpful…LOL

  3. Do you think you could have seasonal affective disorder? I had that when I lived in New York. It made me depressed, which is not my usual nature. Sorry you had a hard day :(

  4. God is slowly answering the prayers of people in Orlando. Bring them back! Bring them back! Bring them back! :-)

  5. I am definitely ready for spring to come. I’m over Winter! Glad no one was hurt. I know how frustrating it is dealing with insurance. Some girl hit my new car after only having it 3 weeks or something and I took about 5 or 6 weeks to get my car back from being fixed. I had to have it towed out because she completely tore my bumper off! At least it was her fault and I didn’t have to pay a thing! Not looking forward to having to potty train but thank goodness I have a couple of years before that.