Burgeoning Prayers

Grace has started praying more lately. Actually she’s been praying for some time, i’ve just never known what she says (just folded her hands, closed her eyes & babbled). 9 times out of 10 it’s, “God, thank-you, Amen”. Short & sweet. There have been variations on that as well.

Ryan is in Washington State until Friday on business. We prayed for him a few times today, and much to Grace’s delight she did get to say hello to him on the phone when she got up from naptime. Tonight at our bedtime prayers she strayed from the usual night-time prayer that we’ve been teaching her (thus far it’s mostly unintelligible). She said, “God, thank-you, Momma, Dad, ahshingson, Amen”. She says Asher very clearly these days, so it was definitely not Asher. 99.9% sure that last bit was Washington. sweet gal.

In related news she said her first very clear, even-strangers-could-understand-it sentence this past weekend, “hurt my toe momma”. This morning she was a bit under the weather & was saying, “tummy hurts momma”. Tonight after being poked in the eye by a diplodocus in the bathtub it was, “hurt my eye momma” (i fully expect a black eye in the morning it was a forceful poke). Sure would be nice to hear some sentences not revolving around her pain. ;)

2 thoughts on “Burgeoning Prayers

  1. heh, yeah. he was eating leaves off a tree, and grace decided to bend over to eat some too…asher said, “he (referring to the dinosaur) didn’t want her to be a dinosaur too”. which makes it sound intentional, but i saw it happen, and it was just bad timing on both their parts.