Burns Book Review

My thoughts on “The Reformation, How a Monk & a Mallet Changed the World

    1. The “major players” in the reformation were actual people, with hopes, dreams, loves, failures, character flaws, & a deep passion for Jesus.
    2. They were (for the most part) willing to die for their convictions, for some even their views on baptism…..which of my convictions run so deep that I would be willing to go to the gallows for them?
    3. Living during the times of plagues, these people truly lived out their theology, as the author said, they did not have the good fortune of working through their theology in tall towers…most lost at least one child, & many their spouse…Wibrandis Rosenblatt lost (at least…I got mixed up on the count) 3 children & 4…count them, 4 husbands….

    ”her self description near the end has her, “Clinging to Christ like a burr to a dress”.”

    4. I thought I learned the meaning behind the name of the band, Six pence None the Richer, but was wrong (I thought it was from the fine mentioned in The Act of Toleration 1689…it was actually from a story in CS Lewis’ book, “Mere Christianity”).

One thought on “Burns Book Review

  1. Great thoughts… I got a little choked up reading them. I love to look at out fathers and mothers in the faith and see their resolve and love for Jesus… It always makes me want to strive onward.

    As a side note, I think we should modify the recommended reading section to include subsections like theology, parenting, culture, history, etc…

    By the way, MY WIFE ROCKS!