Catching Lightening

The past week I’ve been waiting for a thunder storm to roll through town. Sadly, it rained almost every day but no lightening. That all changed today. As I sat at my desk I heard the thunder boom in the distance. A quick glance at the radar on revealed some storms moving in… so, I grabbed the camera and headed out.

I’ve never tried to shoot lightening before, so I really had no idea what I was doing. This trip out did provide some good lessons for the next run… like I need to buy a tripod. After shooting over 300 pictures, I managed to snag 4 that had lightening in them. Below is the best shot of the day… It’s not that great, but at least I got something.

3 thoughts on “Catching Lightening

  1. Man, I’m still loving this new theme. It kinda distracts me from the content of your site because I love it so much!

  2. Lightning sure is difficult to capture. I’ve tried before too. This was my best attempt so far. I used long-time exposure (16 seconds for that shot) and then set the exposure compensation to -2.0. The photo on my Flickr is the unedited one. I pulled it up later in a photo editor and played around with the balances and colors a bit to make them more natural.

    But this, though, obviously is more tricky during the day because a long-time exposure like that will make your photo all white. Way too much light. So yeah, I don’t know how to do day . I think maybe like you did it, just keep snapping until you catch something. If you’re camera has a burst function, maybe you can try that too.

  3. @Ethan – Focus man, Focus!

    @Jake – This was daytime so I didn’t have the luxury of long exposure… plus no tripod. MOst stuff I read today says that when it comes to day lightening… “good luck” and that is about all. I’m really looking forward to the next night time storm, but I need to go buy a tripod first. I think for the next night storm I’m going to try and shoot Lake Eola (link to my daytime shot of it).