To Rally

I am so amazed though not surprised and incredibly humbled and grateful right now. We have been blessed with such a great circle of friends here. I sent out an email a few days ago explaining that Ryan and I are going to be starting classes next month to obtain our Foster Parent license so as to begin the Foster-to-adopt journey. It is 30hrs of classes, spread over 3 nights & 2 full saturdays. Since we don’t have any family in town to pawn the kids off on, the idea of arranging childcare was more than a little daunting. However, within 1 day all 5 ‘opportunities’ to babysit were filled by amazing friends! We still have to figure out when & where we’ll do the First Aid/CPR/blood borne pathogen training class, so the 2 folks who have expressed interest in helping out that haven’t been assigned a day to cover for us, might still have an opportunity. :) So thanks all of you who have so quickly and eagerly rallied. We are extremely grateful. …& I’m sure we’ll need you around for a lot more than just babysitting!


Here are some pictures from our October adventures. This is all I had time to process today. More to come (eventually).

The month started off with Grace starting ballet lessons and Asher joining an official soccer team. Here is a picture of Grace in her ballet gear at the WRONG CLASS! This was the tumbling class. We eventually found the right room.

DSC_0414 - Version 2

In October we had a visit from Oma and Opa. Here Asher and Grace help Opa get pizza ready for pizza night.

DSC_0647 - Version 2

While the pizza was cooking Asher, Grace, and Opa built an indoor soccer goal.

DSC_0658 - Version 2

Speaking of soccer, here’s Asher’s first soccer team. Today is the last game of the season. After the game today we’re going to a team pizza party. The roumor is that the whole team is also signing up for basketball… Do you think Coach K will still be at Duke in 14 years?

DSC_0642 - Version 2

As I said, we eventually found the ballet class. Grace LOVES it!


We sat on the YMCA floor a lot in October.

DSC_0594 - Version 2

Asher is working on spelling. For those wondering, the picture is “fencing.”

DSC_0593 - Version 2

Here’s coach John teaching the team. The three things we learned this season: 1. Only the goalie can use hands. 2. The offense can go anywhere on the field 3. Defense can’t go over the black line.

DSC_0559 - Version 2

Notice the jacket… it is getting cold!

DSC_0553 - Version 2

I think this is the only time she wore the black outfit. It is usually the all pink one.

DSC_0520 - Version 2

Here’s the class in action.

DSC_0498 - Version 2

Asher didn’t go to the ballet class too often. It was pretty boring for him.

DSC_0435 - Version 2

As I mentioned, these are just some of the photos. I’ll post more when I have “time.”

9 Years!

Yes, you’re getting old… but so are we.

Despite my forgetfulness, Jennifer and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage today.

For those keeping count that’s:

9 years
8 cars
7 homes
5 or 6 fish
4 states
3 pets (2 dogs and a cat)
2 kids
1 amazing marriage

I love you Jennifer.
Thank-you for saying yes.

Saturday Playtime

Ryan has been playing “Dad taxi” today. Took Grace to ballet this morning, stopped by the grocery store for me, then after lunch took Asher to his soccer game. As much as i enjoy getting to watch their sports, it has been nice to laze around and catch up on time-sucking, non-essential internet activities like updating my twitter and facebook profile photos to better reflect the new hair length, ha. While I was alone with each kid we spent some time playing with photo booth on the mac. I apologize for the weird spacing & words being off or whatever all that is called. this is why i don’t post pictures. I don’t know what i’m doing & i officially give up trying to make it line up.

Sad Faces

Photo on 2009-11-14 at 11.06 #4Photo on 2009-11-14 at 13.51 #3

Angry Faces

Photo on 2009-11-14 at 11.17 #2 Photo on 2009-11-14 at 13.51 #4

Happy Faces

Photo on 2009-11-14 at 11.08 Photo on 2009-11-14 at 13.50

Grace Video (I didn’t see the video option when Asher & I were playing with it)
“What a Mighty God we Serve”

Asher’s first poem

Well, I’m not entirely sure it’s his FIRST poem, but the first that i remember recording anyway. So here’s the thing: i was in the kitchen making muffins while he was in the living room having ‘roomtime’. After drawing and reading he was basically just walking in circles around the living room seemingly talking to himself. After awhile i was thinking it sounded like he doing some ‘spoken word’ poetry or something. It was slightly rhyming, and sounded a bit rhythmic…he was also not speaking in complete sentences. Sure enough after a bit he came into the kitchen & said, “Hey mom, I just made a poem about war!” I commenced to kick myself for not stopping to write down what i was hearing….so he offered to re-enact it for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the same as the original (no rhyming either). Regardless, here is the attempt at re-creating it.

Boo-boo’s spreading
Ambushing working
Being seen NOT working at all!
Knights flying
arrows shooting
ships sinking
horses jumping.
Helmet visor down! Sword out of scabbard.
Go guards, go! Help the knights!
Sadness spreading
But: music spreading too
wars beginning again (no more music now).

A Pic With Nene

I have so many pics to process… the backlog is insane. Anyway, got my new Aperture 2 in the mail today and decided to play with at least one pic. So, here is one I particularly liked from Nene’s recent visit.