Richmond Apprasial Service

I had the pleasure of helping a friend build a website over the last couple weeks. For those interested, he does appraisals in Richmond and throughout central Virgina. He’s a really good guy and if you, or someone you know needs a home appraisal, you should totally check out his new site and give him a call.

So I Went for a Jog

I sit on my butt almost all day, every day.

Yesterday I decided to go for a jog. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I went for another jog this morning. This time I took along my iPhone and used the free RunKeeper app. The jog was wonderful as the sun was… well, sort-of out and I got to see Mt. Baker and the Canadian Rockies. The air was fresh and crisp.

While I enjoyed the jog, I couldn’t help but ponder as I plodded, how in the world am I going to fit this into my schedule. Yesterday I was able to grab my jog at 4:00 in the afternoon and today’s was at 8:00 this morning. Neither of those times will work with work. So, I could get up early and go for a run… but knowing my deep love of sleep, I don’t foresee me getting up at 6:00 so I can get a run in. The other option might be in the evening, but it is pretty much dinner and family time when I get home from work and I don’t foresee going for a jog at 8:00 p.m. That leaves lunch time jog, which I guess could work. But, it just seems odd to go for a run in the middle of the work day.

What is the solution? I don’t know, but I’m open to suggestions.

Bank of America Fail – A Vent

Just got off the phone with Bank of America and I need to vent…

A couple months ago I opened a business account. The rep told me that the account has an $11 a month service fee. However, if I had a Gold personal account, the fee would be waived. The problem with the Gold account is that it requires me to carry a 10K balance or else there is a $15 fee. So, obviously I wasn’t going to take that route. Until the representative told me that if I had two gold accounts then I wouldn’t have to maintain the minimum balance and I wouldn’t have the service fee. Along with that, I’d get my business account for free as well. So, despite the annoyance of having to open a second checking account AND changing my personal account to a Gold account, I went ahead and did it so I could save the $11 a month.

Enter in the November bank statement…

Of course, there is a $15 service fee on my personal account. I call BoA and ask them why it is there. The rep tells me that it is because I haven’t met the minimum balance. I go on to explain that I was told that having the two accounts, plus my business account meant that I didn’t have to keep the minimum balance and would have no service fees. The rep said that this was not the case and that there were no codes she could enter to make that happen. I asked her if I was misled or just stupid because, here’s my logic, I either:

  1. Was led by a BoA representative to believe that changing my account to Gold, opening a second Gold account, and opening a business account would remove all fees or
  2. I’m stupid because I randomly decided to take the time and energy to open a second account that I’m not going use, upgrade my current account, and open a business account all so that I can pay $15 a month instead of $11.

Now, I’m not trying to be pretentious, but I don’t think I’m that stupid. I went to great pains to make sure that the information I was given was true. I confirmed time and time again that I wouldn’t have to carry a $10K balance under this system. I know how my balance usually runs and, as much as I’d like a $10k a month balance, that just isn’t a reality. So, why would I open these accounts in order to pay more? I wouldn’t! That’s the point.

So, after a frustrating call to CS they have refunded my $15, closed my second account, and downgraded my personal checking to a normal account… and my business account now costs $11 a month.  So, Bank of America, thanks for being lame.  And while I’m venting… the fact that you don’t let me make a transfer from my business account to my personal account online is lame and your online billpay system is atrocious.

That’s all. Vent over.

Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens Review & Giveaway


I’ve been sitting on this post for…oh…2 months? oops. Sorry. Tropical Traditions sent me some of their Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens to try & review for you, uh…a few months ago. So: I’ve been using it almost daily all this time and I’ll just say it: I love it! I’ve tried some other brands of “mix with water & drink” greens powder & this by FAR tastes MUCH better. Of course being a bit of a ‘locavore’, i also have dehydrated and blended into powder greens bought from a local farm this summer. But….that is for sneaking into pasta and pizza and soups and meatloaf and…..ect. There are days (more than I’d like to admit) where our veggie consumption is minimal and thus the ‘cheat’ of a powdered greens drink. Not to mention that this also contains some digestive enzymes and probiotics to aid in the digestion of all this good stuff (and flax…and…and…lots of stuff). Here’s the thing. With the Tropical traditions brand I have no problem drinking a glass of it mixed with water. Any other brand it takes some effort to do so. If you mix it with juice, well… might as well be dessert! My favorite? I mix it in plain yogurt, add a little stevia extract, ground nuts & deem it breakfast. Yum.

What I’m saying is, if you need some help boosting your greens intake (esp in the winter when greens aren’t so readily available from the garden): I HIGHLY recommend the Tropical Traditions Antioxicant Omega 3 Greens. It’s a brand I trust and the taste & texture is bar-none. Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product…my opinion is my own.   If it helps clarify, I intend to buy more when the current canister runs out.

Even better: You can win some! They have generously offered to provide one lucky winner with a container of greens shipped directly from Tropical Traditions. To enter simply head over to Tropical Traditions, sign up for their sales newsletter and let me know in the comments. If you’re already signed up for it, just let me know in the comments. Winner will be randomly selected out of some sort of container old-school slip of paper style on Saturday, Nov. 28 (when you’re feeling all fat & full of turkey, in need of some greens) and contacted via email. If there is no response in 48hrs I will select a new winner.

Good Luck and hey, speaking of the coconut oil company, have you seen their coconut recipes? I’ve found quite a few gems on that page. :)

What a night…

As you may know, thedailyburns has been hacked into a number of times lately. Today, in fact, thedailyburns was just one of many sites I own that was hacked into. After 2 hours I’ve managed to get the daily burns back up, in relative order, and (I hope) secure.

Now off to fix the other 5 sites that were hacked… fun, huh?

In & out of hiding

For those concerned I might have jumped off the planet….where I’ve been/am/will be:

My parents came to visit (for 3 weeks!!! woohoo!!):
– Spent a week here in Bellingham…went apple picking (i forgot to bring the camera). Discovered the amazing combination of an “apple peeler/corer/slicer” + Dehydrator. Best apple chips ever. Ok…so I don’t know the last time i tasted an apple chip. But at the very least they were crazy cheap!

– Grace had a touch of cold or flu (24hrs w/a fever, a week of mild coughing)

– Ryan caught it and turned it into the plague

– My mom & i left him the kids & my dad (while he had the plague…yeah, i felt bad) for a weekend Women’s Retreat in Whidbey Island with my church…i found a plethora of wild rosehips. Picked about gallon of them. Still don’t know what to do with them (I already had rosehip tincture going). Biggest ‘nugget’ i took away from the weekend: Rather than a strict (or ‘weird’) dress code, modesty is really just Humility in action and applies to all areas of life (or a lot of them anyway…).

– Ryan got better. Asher got sick (but again, only a fever for about half a day then a week long cough).

– My laptop hard drive crashed. Thus I’m not on the computer much. going “all the way upstairs” where I can’t cook & surf at the same time has proven too annoying. Have I mentioned I’m spoiled? Yeah…I’m spoiled.

– Went to Victoria in BC (Canada) for 5 days, leaving Ryan behind to work like a maniac for the Logos 4 launch. Amazing time. Sweet resort, beautiful city. Thanks oma & opa!!! Oh & the Victoria Bug Zoo was a major highlight (for me anyway). I held a very large millipede, a small scorpion, and *shudder* a tarantula. That last one still makes me shiver, palms get sweaty, turns my stomach and..yeah, now I feel light-headed. Thought it might help the arachnophobia…it did not. I managed not to pass out, but definitely swooned. I also learned new things about ants. Last but not least I paid too much for a few packets of bugs to eat. Asher had chocolate covered crickets & meal worms, Grace had a lollipop w/a cricket in it and ate over half of my ‘salt & vinegar’ crickets. They were crispy & yummy. Just tasted like salt & vinegar chips.

– Spent the final week in Bellingham. The bug made it’s way to me, but I just had a very mild sore throat for 5 days (it hurt when I woke up and when I yawned. that’s it. weird).

– Halloween: Morning ballet class, went to a nearby church for a halloween festival w/games, toys, bouncy houses and minimal candy (score!). Grace was a pink & purple flower fairy, Asher was a white not-bald Mace Windu. Evening was soccer game followed by dinner at a burger joint in costume. Ryan was still in the throes of 13+hr workdays so there weren’t many photos. I’m a camera space cadet.

– 2 of the last 3 days of the Oma & Opa visit Ryan & I ditched the grandparents & kids & spent 2 nights in Seattle for an early celebration of our 9th anniversary (figured we should get it in while we had free over night babysitting’s technically on the 18th). Ahhhh…that was fun.

Over the weekend found out the place we’re renting is going on the market to be sold, so that gives us incentive to try to figure out what we’re doing next (renting more? buying a house?). Nice to be moving forward (?), but interesting timing. We seem drawn to moving around the holidays. On the ‘keep the house very tidy at all times for a potential showing’ vein…I’m attempting to keep it positive. A ‘spotless’ house is really calming. It’s nice to have a good excuse to throw away clutter. …I had a month of almost zero cleaning and minimal cooking, lots of cleanup help. So no complaints here. :)

So there you have October/early November in a nut shell.