Oral B & Crest Goodness


Since I recently blogged about the kids’ first trip to the dentist, I thought it appropriate to mention that MommyKnows has reached into her bag of tricks to provide a sweet dental giveaway. Just so happens that included is an Oral B pulsonic toothbrush (2 actually)..there’s more. A customized to your family ‘package’. Not exactly the Triumph the dentist recommended but close enough eh (that was for you Canada)? Should you be interested pop on over to MommyKnows’ Just Say No to Cavities Giveaway and have a look see.

Books for Sale

For those readers who like to read books as much as blogs, I’m selling a bunch of my books on Amazon. I put over 60 of my books up for sale on Sunday. I’m selling them for a number of reasons, but sufficed to say that buying these books will be supporting a good cause. So… go buy my books please.

Bubble & Bee Organic Review

Guess since it’s been over a month we’re due for a review on the bubble and bee shampoo, lotion stick and (rootbeer..mmm..) lip balm.

For those who missed the first mention of it, I bought the above (actually the lip balm was a freebie!), due to winning a $25 gift card from Traveling with Baby. I went for the Shampoo Discount Package. I have tried plain old castille soap (i think i liked this except the vinegar rinse made me smell of vinegar…but i was doing it wrong. so perhaps i could try just the soap again…), only baking soda (again i did it a bit ‘wrong’ but my hair was breaking, brittle and falling out all over the place…F-R-I-E-D) & aubrey organics shampoo/conditioner (heavy, limp, greasy & buildup issues). Yet still for some reason i felt compelled to try this “for real” natural shampoo, because it had a label that really seemed to live up to the ‘natural’ claim.

I also wanted to try the lotion stick b/c I have also had ‘issues’ with ‘natural’ moisturizers…the reale-o trulio versions doing nothing for me and the super high priced but…”wait..what are all those chemicals on the label? i thought this was natural”..if i’m paying too much for a product I want it to REALLY be “all natural”. I still SO VERY wish plain old coconut oil worked for me….so many people swear by it….ok, i’ll stop before i get bitter.

Here we go: The lip balm:
I did not order this. But i am SO thankful they sent it!! It is rootbeer flavored & boy is it yummy. :) I have on more than one occasion put it on & then people walk around sniffing asking where the rootbeer smell was coming from. heh. So if you’re into that sort of thing, ++. As for performance, LOVE it. Asher has some chapped lip issues and complains about most chapsticks i put on him b/c they burn, but this does not. However, it DOES help his lips…and I don’t get that ‘chapstick withdrawl’ sensation when i miss a day…if you’re a kindred obsessive chapstick/lip gloss user you know what i mean…they get peely and..well…kinda chapped…like they’re addicted to something in it (i find this most common in the super tingly varieties). weird. anyway, doesn’t happen here.

The lotion Stick:
Went with Chai guy. I LOVE chai tea. mm….and this smell lived up to it. Not sure i’d want my man necessarily smelling like chai tea…though that’s who the scent is intended for. Anyhow, First: this does work great. I had some scaly rough rashy skin on my hands leftover from scratching a rash that enveloped my upper body for a couple weeks (culprit was flax seeds i had started adding to my daily smoothie…weird). Anyhow, no matter what or how much i slathered on my hands, those splotchy rough areas were persistent. Chai guy kicked it out & even though i’ve gotten lazy about using it (& my hands are dry), it’s still gone. The downside? It’s a firm stick…hence the name. NOT conducive for rubbing about on jointed body parts. i found it annoying and time-consuming. I should try the body butter probably. I like slathering moisturizer, not frantically rubbing it until i can get it to the point of attempting a slather sensation.

This is not “normal” shampoo. It is a soap-based hair product that does not come with matching conditioner. You use diluted vinegar as a ‘rinse’, which not only softens & detangles (& adjusts ph or something) but helps remove soap residue. I went with the Lemon shampoo partially b/c my hair is pretty ‘average’ (not super dry, not super greasy) and partially because Ryan dislikes the smell of tea-tree oil (!! i personally really like it).

I was mostly concerned about smelling of vinegar. I used both apple cider vinegar & white vinegar. Both work fine, though I think the white leaves less of a strong odor in the bathroom…but I could be wrong. Ryan is the odor police (who gags after i shower if he enters before it’s been aerated), so ask him. ;) Apparently when my hair is wet, it does have a vinegar aroma, but seeing as how it’s only wet when I’m alone (Ryan is a water hog so we won’t share shower time till we have a double shower head), I don’t mind. As long as I’m not walking around all day smelling of vinegar & people start describing me as “the one with long hair who smells like vinegar”, I’m fine.

As for my hair? I am TOTALLY 100% SOLD. It’s awesome. Shiny, NO fly-aways, not greasy (i wash every other or every 3rd day, and it’s fine, but if it’s 3 days i do have to wash my bangs..and by the end of the day it is evident i need a shower, which i had to do w/regular shampoo anyway), super soft, and i haven’t used any “product” (smoothing spray, mouse, hairspray) in a month. Granted, my ‘styling’ (or lack thereof) doesn’t really cry out for any….but i had gotten dependent on a shine enhancer to both add shine & control flyaways. As mentioned earlier I’m tempted to try plain old castille again but this shampoo uses saponafied jojoba oil as one of the soaps & I’m wondering if that makes a good bit of difference (jojoba oil is supposed to be very close to the oil that our body makes which naturally softens our hair). I’m loving my hair lately so I’m not in a rush to mess that up.

There you have it. When I run out if it is “ok’d” by the bookeeper I absolutely will buy more shampoo from them. I’d like to try the body butter too, but I have a hard time spending money on beauty care products so we’ll see if I ever get around to it. I am not being paid to endorse them, I’m just happy to do it gratis. :)

Also, I made sure to type this up tonight b/c their deodorant is apparently being featured on a “green” segment on the Today Show tomorrow 7-11am (Eastern Standard…I don’t know what that means for us Pacific folks, and I’m too lazy to look it up since um…I’m not sure any Pacific folks even read the blog). I thought that was fun.

March is Gone

Uhh… the entire month of March is missing from The Daily Burns. Anyone know where it might be? Will try and find it tonight. arg.

by Faith, not Sight

I mentioned before that the women’s bible study I attend bi-monthly had been going through the book, “Stepping Heavenward“, with the Study Guide. I jumped in partway through and only ended up working on two sections while we were going through it. Then I gave up, hoping that maybe some day I’d do it on my own. Knowing it was….well…not likely. Then Cheryl mentioned that if we HADN’T “done it”, she recommended we still do and perhaps do it during our devotional time. oh! Man! I recently had the realization that one of my biggest weaknesses is efficiency. I’ve known it all along but could never quite put my finger on the problem. It’s efficiency. If there’s something I need or want to do, I always go about it all wrong and take the long or hard (or impossible) way first and it takes MUCH trial & error to find a good streamlined system. Even then, it’s inevitable that if it’s something visible, when Ryan sees it he shakes his head at me and asks why I don’t do it XYZ way. Arg. Because that, VERY OBVIOUS (and…arg…correct) way NEVER STINKIN’ OCCURRED TO ME! :)

All that babble to say: Right. Devotional time. Ever since I finished the Hebrews study (studying Hebrews w/some gals in VA via a forum Ryan set up for us…just us, the bible and any commentary resources we found)…which took a year and by the end I was REALLY ready for something else (& no, I am no where near an expert on Hebrews much to my dismay)….I’ve been floundering more or less playing bible roulette in the mornings. Why it never occurred to me to use this resource for my bible study (the study guide has you go through all kinds of bible, applying it to the book….and have i mentioned the book is GREAT. It’s fiction, so very entertaining, yet insightful). I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain, but I guess it’s good insofar as it keeps me reliant on the Church (capital C)…others to push and pull me in the right direction. I NEED community. Thanks Cheryl for being my “Captain Obvious” on this. I love Captain Obvious….I rarely get to BE her.

Right. so the other weakness (because there’s only 2) is that whole “rambling, i can’t be brief” thing. :) The purpose of this post was to type out this quote that I read this morning in the study guide. Some Good ‘ole Watchman Nee (A pastor in College used to quote him incessantly..in fact i vaguely remember this story from him):

I put in bold what I underlined in my notebook.

Fact, Faith, and Experience were walking along the top of a wall. Fact walked steadily on, turning neither to right nor left and never looking behind. Faith followed, and all went well so long as he kept his eyes focused upon Fact; but as soon as he became concerned about Experience and turned to see how HE was getting on, he lost his balance and tumbled off the wall, and poor old Experience fell down after him.

All temptation is primarily to look within; to take our eyes off the Lord and to take account of appearances. Faith is always meeting a mountain, a mountain of evidence that seems to contradict God’s Word, a mountain of apparent contradiction in the realm of tangible fact – of failures in deed, as well as in the realm of feeling and suggestion – and either faith or the mountain has to go. They cannot both stand. But the trouble is that many a time the mountain stays and faith goes. That must not be. If we resort to our senses to discover truth, we shall find Satan’s lies are often enough true to our experience; but if we refuse to accept as binding anything that contradicts God’s Word and maintain an attitude of faith in Him alone, we shall find instead that Satan’s lies begin to dissolve and that our experience is coming progressively to tally with that Word (59-60)

Impulse “Coffee” review

I admit I do have a tendency toward grocery impulse buys. I think i’ve mentioned before how strange my impulse buys tends to be though….like liver….i don’t know.

Anyhow, yesterday I was at the grocery store and near the “natural foods” section there was a huge bin with random items marked to clearance. I couldn’t help myself. I raided it. I found Some organic Grade B maple syrup half off (i bought 3), and Teeccino, for just over $3. I was pretty sure that was an amazing price, so I bought one. I heard of it a few years ago and have wanted to try it, but seeing as how I’ve never seen it in a store, and didn’t want to pay shipping for something I assumed would be gross (yet still i wanted to try it!), I never had. Anyhow, I bought it and made some yesterday. It’s good!

A few disclaimers: I don’t drink coffee regularly, and I like carob (this has carob in it & you can definitely smell it). I WANT to be a coffee drinker. I LIKE coffee, and enjoy the caffeine kick, but every time I start drinking it regularly I start having trouble sleeping (waking up with terrors to be exact…i assume it’s adrenal strain?), and some other ‘female’ problems intensify. I even recently made a conscious decision to start drinking coffee near lunchtime (sure was amazing to not be falling asleep during storytime!), and thought I was doing “ok”, but lo & behold, started waking up in a cold sweat afraid of the boogeyman again. arg. What am I, six?

Anyhow, all that to say, clearly I’m not an expert on coffee taste. However, I’m more of a ‘coffee snob’ than i’d expect, purely because the only coffee I tend to drink is what Ryan makes, and HE’S a coffee snob for sure. He makes good coffee. I have no qualms drinking his black. I can’t handle ‘hotel’ coffee. Even with cream & sugar. I feel like it’s safe to say it tastes like a flavored coffee. Not sure what flavor, but certainly not like “plain” regular coffee…I haven’t compared it side by side yet. The aroma is not super coffee but the ‘mouthfeel’ and aftertaste is for sure coffee. I am typing this with “coffee mouth”.

So, for what it’s worth, if you’ve been tempted to try it: I recommend it. :) & if you live near me, it’s on sale in the big ‘bargain box’ by the organic dairy stuff in the Cost Cutters off Meridian. …That is, if I haven’t bought it all. I like it a lot, but not enough to pay full price….that stuff’s expensive!

Also I will do my best to get ryan to taste it, but given his extreme snobbishness and apprehension of anything “weird” I offer him….well, we’ll see. In fact I’m afraid he’s not going to let me continue brewing it in his pot. (don’t tell him I’m doing it!)

Update: I just got him to sip it & he definitely did NOT like it. I have been sent to find something to remove the taste from his mouth. :) But he does not like carob (and he said it’s too sweet).

The Hair Saga Continues

Ok, so I know (or at least i think) I said before that I ‘give up’ on natural hair care. In fact, I even went to a regular old “non-natural shampoo/conditioner” a couple months ago. I was just tired of the limpness. I do admit that when I switched (went with “fructise” or however that’s spelled), my hair was soooo soft & light & fluffy….sigh. Anyhow, I’ve been drawn back “to the light” for yet another experiment. First, I realized that my previous ‘au naturel’ trials were done in error (baking soda: i used WAY too much, vinegar: WAY WAY WAY too much…i didn’t realize it needed to be diluted or how MUCH it apparently needs to be diluted, good lord!)…um. ok, there’s only a first. That was enough to..oh wait, there is a second: Second: I won a $20 gift certificate to bubble and bee organics, from Dr. Dolly (friend of a friend…I sometimes forget that she’s not technically my friend). I mostly wanted to try the lotion bars, but i admit, i’ve been wanting to trial soap or baking soda haircare again since I discovered my folly. In fact, I decided that once i get it cut this summer or fall i’d try again (I’m growing it out to donate to wigs for kids…i needed incentive to not get regular haircuts to save money). The damaged hair problem is much more noticeable with long hair.

But rumor has it, the damage (& smell) was due to my over-use of ‘product’ (product being baking soda and vinegar). So, I went for a set package/combo of lemon shampoo, chai guy lotion bar (and they surprised me with a rootbeer lip balm which is smooth & smells delicious). It came in today. :) The shampoo smells delicious too.

Ok cut to the point woman: I’m going to trial this for 1 month (4 weeks) and then report back to you. 4 weeks because I do realize there’s a ‘detox’ period and i want to leave plenty of time for that to play out before I give my two cents. I even ran out to Great Clips tonight and got my hair trimmed (probably not noticeable except she straightened out my bangs that I trim myself…heh..), so starting ‘fresh…ish’ in the split ends department.

Teeth and Books

1) Teeth

Went to the dentist today.  Always a bit scary, though not because I have a fear or dentists or anything remotely similar (I actually LIKE getting my teeth cleaned & I’ve yet to have a cavity).  We don’t have dental coverage, ha.  I had of course googled a bit (I felt it was a worthy reason to relax the lent rules) the other day and read in a bunch of places that pretty much if you have a chipped or broken tooth that hurts, it means either: Filling, cap, root canal, or pulling it.   Those all sound expensive.

However, I was happy to discover (or be reminded?) that I’m just an idiot.  My tooth is in fact, not chipped.  I apparently just don’t ever look at my teeth or know what they look like.  Yeah…not chipped.  The dark spot *might* be a very small cavity just barely starting to form, but nothing she seemed interested in (said to “keep an eye on it”).  Apparently I have sprained…something.  I’m saying I sprained my teeth but that’s not how she worded it.  Sprained some ligaments of some sort & bruised…something just below the enamel.  Anyhow, it should be fine in another week…much like a sprained ankle healing.   There’s a slight chance it could be cracked and they just can’t see it, but the cold sensitivity test she did seemed to indicate that there are no cracks.  WHEW.  A tad bit embarrassing, “where did you say it was cracked? These teeth all look perfectly intact to me…”.   Heh…

2) Books

Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but awhile back I posted about a book give-away MommyKnows was hosting and I won!  My first ever ‘blog give-away’ win.  :)  Anyhow, I recieved the book tonight, and can’t wait to get into it.  She’s giving away a book every tuesday, so check it out.  A darn funny woman that MommyKnows.  :)

Speaking of books, I’m still reading (though almost finished) “Full Moon Feast” and while I am still very much enjoying it, I thought I should update I won’t be buying it.  Just not something I think i’ll want to re-read or use as a resource on a regular enough basis to warrant buying it.  I did however make a tweaked version of her “Cream of Parsnip Soup” recipe tonight, and it was awesome.  Not exactly sure of the peanut-galleries thoughts (no one complained too loudly & everyone finished it….Ryan is not a fan of soup for dinner, but I think he would’ve liked it as an appetizer).  I feel compelled to note that I have a pretty high pain-threshold for “new-age weirdo spiritualist health nut jargon”.  If you’re ‘sensitive’ to these things you will probably not like it…but if you can either enjoy the language as ‘poetry’ or write it off as fluff and just glean from the “meat” of the message she’s writing in each chapter, it’s a very informative and encouraging book.  Personally, I’m weird enough to have enjoyed the paragraph about the lactating mother’s of the Tzutujil people in Guatemala passing around a newborn baby to nurse in ceremony so “he would never feel like a stranger in any compound in the village.”   However I realize 99.9% of The Daily Burns readers are not in that boat.  ;)    ….Ryan being one of them.   So consider yourself forewarned.