Caution: Potty Training in Progress

Day 3. I’m tired. Getting a little discouraged. i keep trying to remind myself that

1) She is well beyond where Asher was on his day 3, so there’s that.
2) it’s only day 3.
3) Have I mentioned it’s only day 3?

I think the main struggle is when i was preparing myself mentally for the next few weeks, i forgot to factor in Asher being around. I even pre-made almost all of this week’s dinners last week figuring all I’d be doing was potty training & laundry (& cleaning floors)…figuring the bulk of the ‘work’ with the learning process would be done this week. Basically every accident we’ve had today was due to me not paying much attention to her while helping Asher with something (or disciplining), or being in the kitchen. Asher’s a little tired of the constant trips Grace & I are taking to the potty, not to mention a touch of cabin fever. We went to the park this morning since it wasn’t AS hot & a tad overcast (all 3 of us were still drenched in sweat though)…took the little potty with us….but little girl decided she’d rather poop in her underwear. Yeah, the part that I had already checked of the list as “done”. Oh well. I planned to do a little baking during naptime…i think i’m going to nap instead (once i clean up the tornado that breakfast & lunch brought on in the kitchen).

Sigh. This too shall pass. In the meantime, yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. :)

on the upside, we’re not doing any kind of reward system & she’s doing pretty well. Yesterday a couple times & this morning she went into the bathroom on her own indicating she had to go. But we’re still in the “more misses than hits” phase. I’m at that point that I’m thinking perhaps I AM a madwoman. But my inner aerobics instructor won’t let me think of quitting till 3 weeks have passed. yeah, maybe i am one sandwich short of a picnic.

7 thoughts on “Caution: Potty Training in Progress

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot – that’s where you are! so sorry! I think your inner aerobics instructor and mine work at the same gym – mine won’t let me quite this south beach thing, even though i’m tired and nauseous! mean lady!

  2. Girl, you are exactly where I was a few weeks ago. I felt like I was reading a diary of my life recently. I can totally relate to the “accidents happening when I’m not paying attention.” And I really got TIRED of paying attention. There were 4 others of us here at home during “the training” and my biggest struggle was feeling guilty about boring the other kids to death! I actually hired a babysitter one afternoon so I could take the big kids to the pool while she napped! And actually, that break…inspired me to continue. (That and talking other moms’ ears off at the pool about potty training.) Honestly, I kept telling them all that this will be done soon, and we all had to “take one for the team!” It’s neat looking back now because they all feel like they played a part. I mean, trust me…we’re all glad it’s over…but we all feel the sense of accomplishment. She still runs up to let them all know she went potty and they all cheer, and we all laugh. :o)

  3. thx for all the encouragement & prayers friends. today was MUCH better. only 2 accidents the whole day. :) it helped that ryan took asher out for a few hours this morning. He rescued me from a meltdown & pretty much the rest of the day was smooth sailing.

    have to mention one accident was while grace & i were alone & playing hide & seek. mental note: not a great game idea to play while going through this process. i thought she was calling for me to find her so i was going all through the house pretending to not be able to find her. when i finally got to her she was pretty frustrated with her wet pants. I should’ve realized that she wasn’t using her usual giggly “mama…mine…” but the uncertain sounding “i need to pee” “mama…mine….” sure would be nice if she would just say, “i need to pee”. ;) right now all i have to go on are a ‘look’ & the tone of voice.

  4. Hey I know exactly what you mean. I too am doing the potty training thing with Kat right now. I decided enough is enough and she is going to use the potty if it kills me. She is so stubborn is the biggest problem. She’ll go all morning with no accidents, but then in the afternoon it’s like a totally different child and we have accidents most of the time. It’s so frustrating….I don’t know why it seems so much harder with her than it was with the others. Of course with the others I had wood floors, for Halei I stayed home three days and she went around in just a t-shirt. Jenna only took maybe a week once I buckled down with her. I’m making myself stick to it and hopefully I’ll see some improvement with her in the next few days. Things that are challenging only make us stronger right?!…or just go insane faster :).

  5. Wow…I’m scared now. I noticed that you trained asher early, Jenn. How early? And how old is grace now? I really want to train Aliyah but I thought it was too early…maybe a few more months. She seems interested so I bought her a potty. She like to sit on it and pretend to wipe and flush, but she never pees in it. In fact she was sitting on it and then stood up and peed on the floor when she felt the urge. She usually picks up on things quickly so I thought i would try. Maybe I should get one of those books…

  6. Well, it finally happened…she peed in the potty today! i will email you later jenn for details! :-)

  7. yay! send some o’ that potty dust our way! grace seems to have forgotten how to pee on the potty as of today (though to count my blessings she hasn’t pooped outside the potty since “day 3″).