Grace has taken to being a cheerleader. I mean this in the purist sense. Neither of the kids even know the term, “Cheerleader” or have they seen any or know what they are. However, it seems to come naturally to Grace. A long time ago she picked up singing, “go” for people (as in, “go mama, go mama”). Anyhow, recently she’s started cheering for me while i do chores, like vacuuming. On friday we were cheering for each other while taking turns rolling out the Pizza dough & I threw in the “it’s your birthday” part. The kids really liked it. So, yesterday morning I was chopping onions for the roast & Grace came into the kitchen, got on the Learning Tower (a fun tool that deserves it’s own post. My early christmas present bought at a consignment store for $100 less than a new one!). She started cheering for me while I chopped. I managed to get her to do a re-enactment for you:

Go Mama Song from Ryan Burns on Vimeo.

Next we’ll start working on the ending, “not really…but go anyway..”. Thx to Melissa R. for the reminder on that part. :)

4 thoughts on “Cheerleader

  1. Jacob, during clean up time, said…”Go everybody, go everybody, it’s your birthday…not really…it’s Jesus’ birthday…so go Jesus.” A pretty timely Christmas-y ring to it, and I immediately thought you guys. Had to share. :o)

  2. FYI – you have changed our lives with a pic of this “learning tower.” Aliyah is very interested in “helping” and i usually end up pulling up a chair or stool to let her stand on.