Seems I’m lacking in the “deep thoughts” department lately. They seem to come in waves. ;)

Anyhow, I discovered a delicious new recipe that I tried yesterday for the first time. If you tell Asher we’re having Chinese for dinner that means sesame chicken from a restaurant. He thinks that the chicken is not chicken, but “chinese”. This recipe came out just like that & when i told Grace to eat her chicken Asher said, “That’s not chicken, it’s chinese!” Does his lack of culture alarm you?

Now, I feel the need for a disclaimer, due to the large amt. of sugar & the fact that the chicken is deep fried (not concerned about fat in the slightest, but rather extreme high-heat cooking), i do NOT consider this a ‘healthy’ dish, but rather a MUCH better alternative to take-out.

You can check out the link above for the ‘real’ recipe, but this is how i tweaked it to make it a little more “traditional foods”-friendly (i.e. as healthy as i could get it while still tasting like ‘chinese’):

1 Pkg chicken thighs (I used thighs b/c 1. it’s cheaper & 2. take-out is dark meat)


2TBS tamari (or soy sauce)
1TBS red wine
splash of sesame oil
2TBS flour of your choice (I used millet)
2TBS arrowroot
2TBS chicken stock (or water)
1/4 tsp aluminum-free baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp coconut oil


1.5 cups chicken broth
1/4 cup white vinegar (i didn’t have rice vinegar on hand)
1/4 cup arrowroot
1 cup sucanat (I used sucanat with honey this time, but will try sucanat next time)
2TBS tamari (or soy sauce)
2TBS sesame oil
1 tsp chili sauce (i couldn’t find paste, just sauce “with garlic”)
1 garlic clove, pressed


Cut chicken into 1 inch cubes (mine were smaller i think)

mix marinade ingreidients and marinate the chicken for at least 20 min (i did it a few hours)

Mix together the sauce ingredients & pour them into a small pot & bring to a light boil, stirring continuously (it will turn to a thick syrup/gell-like state). Turn heat down to low & cover, keeping warm while you are deep-frying the chicken.

Heat 3 cups expeller pressed coconut oil in wok (no idea on temp, i don’t have a deep fryer or thermometer)

Add the marinated chicken pieces a few at a time, and deep-fry till golden brown. Drain on paper towels and then place in warmed oven to keep warm till all the chicken is finished (it took me an hour to fry it all). Repeat w/remainder of chicken.

Just before you are finished deep-frying, bring the sauce back up to a boil.

Place the chicken on a large platter (uh,i used a small mixing bowl) & pour the sauce over. Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds, serve over rice & broccoli.

I ended up with a lot of leftover sauce & almost not enough chicken for us all. next time i’ll use more chicken (i like leftovers).

Also, for the “local readers” I would like to order sucanat from the co-op this month. I can get it for $1.98 (or something close to that, under $2)/lb vs. the nearly $5/lb it is at the grocery store. Problem is I have to order 25# of it. I do have a 5 gal. bucket that is unoccupied that can deal with the bulk, but I’d rather not spend $50 on sugar this month. So if anyone would like to go in on some with me, please let me know (also if you have a food or baby scale that would be helpful). :)

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