Chuckle Chuckle

3 things I find funny about our first Easter at home w/the kids:

1) My kids don’t seem to have gotten the memo that they’re supposed to get candy tomorrow. Good thing, since they’re not getting any. They’re getting books. muwhahahaha……and i’m 99.99% sure they’ll be excited about the selections.

2) My husband apparently hasn’t heard that most people hide REAL eggs (the hard boiled dyed varieties) on Easter. He seemed very perplexed yesterday that this was my intention. Either that or he’s apprehensive about toddlers finding them & cracking them. For this reason I also bought plastic eggs (stuffed with stickers….muwhahahaha).

3) Before putting the kids down, i said that we would hunt for & have our Easter eggs for breakfast (with some bacon). Asher was VERY excited about ‘hunting’ for his breakfast. ha! did I mention he once went to the backyard during ‘roomtime’ declaring he would hunt for dinner….& i thought he was playing pretend? He was not. he was literally trying to hunt finches in the backyard with a stick. We had to call my uncle joe (who is a ‘real’ hunter) in PA, to clarify the age prerequisite for hunting to ease Asher’s objections.

3 thoughts on “Chuckle Chuckle

  1. good idea! i picked up some more natural fruit snacks to put in the eggs but forgot to bring them to my parents’ house…so we picked up some stickers on the way there. they were a hit! thanks for the idea!

  2. My kids had way too much chocolate this year. I gave my 19 year old the task of buying Easter treat and she has a sweet tooth. Oh well!

    We always hid the hard boiled eggs that we decorate (and chocolate). Thanks to big sis this was the first year we’ve had the stuffable plastic ones. They’re kinda tacky, eh?

    Hope you had a great day :)

  3. Very cute. I LOVE hard boiled eggs. So, I got to take home most all of the ones my MIL helped the grandkids dye. We didn’t actually hide any this year. Apparently, James and most of his family hates boiled eggs.. YUMMY…whatever! :)