Church Sign Generator

Sometimes I don’t even know how I end up on sites like this:Church Sign Generator… but, alas, I ended up there today. Then I remembered my good friends who have a church plant in Richmond and thought, “They need a sign.” So, I set out to do my best.

Pulling from my experiences on the back roads of South Georgia I pulled out all the stops and came up with what I think would be a really great church sign from my friends church in Richmond.


4 thoughts on “Church Sign Generator

  1. Sad thing – I read the sign before I read what you wrote, and thought it was actually a church sign . . . until I saw Robert’s name. You have a talent for sign-writing in the south, Ryan!

  2. We loved the videos of you and your family looking at pics. We have talked about how Mary Beth and I can video conference over the net since I’m heading out to KC on Monday. Three and a half weeks without seeing her beautiful face is too much for me to handle. Any great deals on web cams?