Church update

I really wanted to do a “monday musing on sunday sermon” post yesterday, but alas, no time… so, in short:

Church was great. Started in Ecclesiastes and Solomon’s quest for intimacy “under the sun” and then went back to the garden in Genesis where Adam and Eve botched the intimacy between man, woman, and God… and then traveled to Ephesians where we see Christ restoring intimacy between man, woman, and God.

The bible preached from beginning to end… I LOVE IT!

… and I am SOOOO thrilled about communion every week… I actually look forward to responding to the sermon by taking communion… I really dig CrossPointe.

One thought on “Church update

  1. i liked it too. and the first impression of children’s church was awesome too. Asher was even able to re-iterate the main point of the lesson that went along with the craft he came home with.

    singing “trading my sorrows” made me giggle (i couldn’t help myself i’m hoping they thought i was just caught up in the “joy of the lord”..heh..) but other than that it was a great first time experience.