For those who have far too much interest in the daily affairs of the Burns… well, thanks for visiting. I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting the website of the church we visited while in Orlando last weekend ( ).

That is all…

Well, not entirely… I must admit that I really wish I had the opportunity to write more. It has been a joy over the past two years to be able to express myself through the written word. I hope that my efforts have not totally been self indulgent, but that they have served you with insight into life, theology, family, and of course, the quest for the perfect coffee mug.

Sometimes I wish I had more profound things to offer you… but, sad to say, the profundities only come in spurts. So, in betwixt, I shall continue with the random and occasional non-nonsensical post… like with links to the church I visited on Sunday.

Until the next post…

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