Cloth Diaper Proselytizing

For those who may be new to The Daily Burns, you may not know I have a Cloth Diaper Blog. It is a poor little neglected blog. But it is jam-packed with my personal experience & opinions on the subject.

Anyhow, even though I don’t update it much anymore, it does get some traffic, so we figured we’d ‘clean it up’ a bit & give a facelift.

If you’ve ever had even the slightest curiosity about how, why (or even where) one would use cloth diapers, come over for a visit. We’ve got info on everything from cloth diaper wipes to organic cloth diapers. There are even some cloth diaper reviews, as well as reviews of cloth diapering accessories (like my favorite cloth diaper pail liners) that I have tried.

Saving your wallet…or the planet…or you from having people think you’re normal…one baby booty at a time.

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