Cloth Training Pants

As most of you know by now, I’m a bit of a cloth diaper fanatic.  I don’t know how diapers can be a hobby but they are for me.  I even have  The Cloth Diaper Diva website (that I have severely neglected, but is still useful if you need some “new to cloth diaper” info)! Granted, I have ‘slacked’ on the obsession over the past year, mostly because I was turning green from all the diapers I wish i could try out.  Out of necessity for the condition of my heart I had to stop frequenting cloth diaper forums & helping online mommas with their questions (still more than happy to answer questions from people I know or that come up on my website though).  Oh, and even though diaper laundry doesn’t bother me NEARLY as much as regular laundry for some reason,  have i mentioned how nice it is not to be doing diaper laundry every other day?  However, we’re still doing diapers for bedtime & since I’ve never bit the bullet for cloth training pants, I’m doing disposable training pants for naptime (she’s actually yet to pee during naptime in over a week, but i guess i’m having trouble believing it’s “for true”).

Anyhow, the one place I still “follow” is The Cloth Diaper Whisperer.  It’s a blog for an online cloth diaper store (or two) and the purpose is advertising for the store, but has some great tips & ideas for cloth diapering & on fridays they have giveaways.  I’ve “entered” a few, but not with much effort, mostly because i knew that at least for now, my diapering days are numbered.  However, this week’s giveaway is 3 cloth training pants (3 different brands)!  So I’m pretty much selling my soul to get in as many comment entries as i can. ;)

Not sure how dedicated to commenting everyday I’ll be though.  Kinda time-consuming.  :)

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