Coffee, Art and Cool People

First things… well, first.

I went to World Cup to get coffee today. I unashamedly admit that it was for the sole reason that I knew they had free wifi. That said, I must admit that World Cup is lame city! The atomosphere was cramped and, while I like techno as much as the next guy, it just doens’t work well in highly caffinated, tight spaces. I couldn’t deiced if my headace was related to the caffine, the music, or the fact that I had to put my computer, watch, phone, coffee and book all onto a talbe 20 inches wide while everyone that tried to sit next to me bumped it causing intense fear to shoot through my body at the possability that my new computer might die from an unintentional drowning… Puddin’ Heads RULES!

Secondly, I have been inspired lately to art. I know ‘art’ isn’t a verb, but that is the best I got right now… I admit that this desire has been spurred on by my friend michelle who has started a non-profit called C3 ( Check out the site and you too might be inspired to be cool…

I gotta go, world cup is making me insane…

2 thoughts on “Coffee, Art and Cool People

  1. haha, i just was there , and i saw you. You looked pretty cramped i agree. but its so much funnier hearing you describe your discomfort. I agree POoody heads is better.

  2. I agree, except that World Cup has a much better selection of tea. So I go there for “to go” items but Poody heads is best for ambience. Also, “to art” has been a verb in my vocabulary for at least 5 years now. So we will both use it, & Webster will just have to conform. I’m totally pumped about THURSDAY! Thanks for the tip, can I get a ride though?