Coffee Recantation

Ok… I must officially recant my former statements about World Cup. I was wrong (mostly). The parts about annoying music and scantly clad women still hold true, yet World Cup has won my patronage for several reasons:

1. They often offer a selection of organically grown coffee. While I used to to like my coffee doused with a heatly dose of chemicals and pestacides, I have recently decided that these chemicals, which were designed to kill anamials of one persuation or another, might indeed be bad for me.

2. $1 coffee. That’s right. Simply bring your own cup and it is only a buck. Now that is hard to beat.

3. Music isn’t always annoying. In fact, it is usually good when I go in… I’d say 90% of the time. That’s an A (but barely).

4. No smoke. Just a preference at 7:30 in the morning.

All that said, I officially recant my public defemation of World Cup. I openly encourage its patronage and invite you to join me in a pestacide free, $1 cup of coffee.

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