First, starbucks… I don’t like starbucks. They over roast their beans and the coffee isn’t that great. Now, that is not to say that, in a pinch, I wouldn’t go to starbucks… but I’d rather not. Well, while my objection is mostly taste related, some of my Christian brothers and sisters have found another reason to avoid the chain. I find it interesting that, if you read the article, you’ll see that see that while Starbucks did run an “anti-god” cup, they also ran a “pro-god” cup by Rick Warren. Which, by the way, was quite a sermon to pack onto a starbucks cup.

Second, WORLD CUP IS CLOSED!!!! This is a travesty! Truly the best cup of joe in Richmond (or at least near the office) is gone. To be replaced by what? Some joint called “crossroads.” The note on the door says they will serve Rostovs coffee (did I mention that I can get Rostovs coffee from Rostoves – 4 blocks away) and Maggie Moo’s ice cream (15 blocks away) … Sheesh. Not to mention that they just painted the outside this hideous orange/yellow color. Oh, what to do? World Cup, why have you abandoned us?

I’m depressed… I think I’ll get some coffee.

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