College Students – Rent Your Textbooks?

Ok, since a good portion of our readership consists of college students, I wanted to share this very interesting site I discovered today. It is called Chegg.

Rent Your Textbooks and Save 55-65%!

Apparently this company rents college textbooks. The cost to rent for a semester is about 55-65% off the list price. Also, I found that if you use the code: Rent4Spring you can get a 5% discount. This is an interesting concept… I’m not sure if I like it or not… College students, care to weigh in with an opinion?

Oh, and as you might notice in the ad, they’ll plant a tree for every book you rent… so that is always nice.

One thought on “College Students – Rent Your Textbooks?

  1. seeing as how i’ve just registered for my first seminary class, I guess i’m allowed to comment. :)

    so my opinion: if it’s a book you are quite confident you will never crack again (like my college algebra book…except I had to take that class 4x so renting would not have been a good option) then yes, rent. However if it is of any remote interest i think you should keep it. Never know when you might want to thumb through it again.