Communication Woes

Grace has started talking more….as in making a verbal effort to be understood more. Which means she does have some new intelligible words, but the vast majority are unkown even to Ryan & I (though deep down i blame myself b/c I understand far more of her language than ryan so I act on jibberish instead of expressing to her that the word really makes no sense… ;) ).

Case in point: just now, she’s eating lunch & SOMETHING keeps hurting her. I think she must have a cut on her thumb & salt is getting in it? She just keeps saying, “hurt me momma” & showing me her thumb. When i try to wash or kiss it, “no..teka tush a soosa momma”. ?? Um…yeah, even context isn’t helping. She’s assuring me physically that it is not the thumb that she keeps sticking up at me. And repeating this gibberish phrase intently, boring holes in my brain with her eyes since i am not responding appropriately to said gibberish.

Though Asher did translate another “momma, hurt mine” gibberish earlier, in that the bib was hurting her neck. I thought she was saying leg.

Lord, PLEASE let her speak clearly soon.

Prayers are coveted. :)

::UPDATE:: this just in: it was her lip. Salt getting on her lip that is apparently chapped (doesn’t look it). Was pointing to it with her thumb i guess (though that did not look like was not near her mouth!).

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