We’ve been using a microwave.

For those who have managed to not catch on that we’re crazy health-nut weirdo’s, this falls into that category. A couple years ago we got rid of our microwave for a myriad of reasons that I’m not in the mood to propagate at the moment. It’s like most any new endeavor, at first it was annoying but it just became normal & we didn’t really think much of it.

With moving to Orlando & knowing our schedules will be crazier balancing family, school, work, church ect. I knew something in the food department was going to have to give. So for the past 6mo i’ve been internally deliberating what would be compromised. It was a surprisingly difficult decision….one that will probably have to be re-evaluated from time to time. Most difficult was that a lot of things I do (like mill wheat & make bread) are because I don’t want to compromise on health, but also we can’t spend the money on the quality of bread that I would prefer to buy. So I make my own. Thankfully, I really enjoy it as well.

Anyhow, I finally decided to come back to modern society & utelize the microwave. However, there are rules. Only for leftovers. This sounds like not much, but consider the time & dishes used to re-heat food outside of the microwave. Trust me, it’s significant. And ashamedly, i’ve been loving every micro-second. ;)

I also haven’t been making yogurt. This is honestly primarily b/c i really do NOT like making yogurt. But it really does save a LOT of money to make your own, esp. when you go through 3-4 qt’s a week. Ugh. We’ll see.

So it’s out. We use a microwave.

3 thoughts on “Compromising

  1. It’s ok, we’ll compromise together.
    I didn’t have a microwave until a year ago and that was only after Nic had bugged me for a year and tempted me with the dream of duh duh duh! …..warming baby-food!

  2. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!
    Since a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant I haven’t been able to eat almost ANY vegetables. I just told my Ryan today how much I’d enjoy some of the birdseye frozen broccoli with the cheese sauce you microwave. If we had a microwave I would def go get some and eat it over a baked potato!

  3. Microwave for leftovers is much less toxic than actually cooking food in it. (I think.) At least once I wondered- why not cook in this..I never do…I’ll just go ahead so I don’t heat up my kitchen. The microwave broke. I don’t actually have one that has enough stamina to last for 10 minutes.