Cool Church Stuff

I love to see how churches run. I’m a nerd like that. So, this morning, Organic Peru Norte coffee in hand, I began to peruse a document released by the elders at Mars Hill in Seattle.

The document describes how their many thousand people, multi campus, church is going to reorganize in order to better glorify God and care for his people. It was really fascinating… and while I could write about the document itself and how cool their approach and transition is… the thing that kept ringing in my head was, “how many of the church members are going to read this whole thing and how many really care?”

I mean, the funny thing is that some guy 2400 miles away is reading it and thinking, “wow, this is a great transition process and I really think it might make this church function better for the glory of God and the Joy of his people.” But the document wasn’t written for me… per-se.

So, here is the question for all you church member’s out there. When you church has a business meeting (family meeting, special service, or whatever your church calls it)… and they had out some document outlining what all is happening in the church, “Do you read it?

Seriously, post your answers. Just click the word “comment” down there / and let me know your thoughts. I know a lot of our readers are church folk, so drop your two cents.

2 thoughts on “Cool Church Stuff

  1. yeahhhhhhhhhh peru.

    maybe ill actually be able to get you some coffee from peru.
    -cause the latvian writing but south american origin probably doesnt cut it :-p